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Craig Dahl's base salary has reduced down to $825K from $1.35M

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Look i understand it maybe a good football team move but i'd hope we would'nt sign either one...We need to get younger N look at all tha free agentz we have coming up that will want bigg money. ..Plan N simple I don't want our 49erz turning into tha Ravenz or cowgirlz in cap h*ll N nothing but overpaid vet'z...
Serious? We are talking about a backup and ST guy who WAS making 1.35 mio. and is cut down to 825k. How do you came up with the Ravens' idea???

We will almost certainly restructure Gore's deal or he is a goner after next season for sure. RayMac and Justin Smith will be done after 2015 I think. Rogers will be surely gone as well.
This will free up a lot of cap space. No need to panic, neither short- nor mid-term, imo.

Yeah Tad, don't worry so much. The cap should go up each year now. Either 7% or $7M ish a year raise.

Without knowing the for sure 2014 cap limit, I can't speak on 2015, It should be a 7% raise from 2014's cap limit. Aldon will have his option picked up soon. That should be $9M or so. Rogers is cut, that gains 9M. I had us at $29M under for 2015, but thats with a $126M cap. So that's gonna change big time, since the cap won't be that low. That was a projection I got from a source.

This offseason we should be able to lock up Kap, Boldin, Whitner, Dawson, Wilhoite, Osgood, and Miller(Possibly also Culliver if we want to).

2015 offseason, the biggest names are, Kap(if not extended before), Hunter(Not a huge one, since Lattimore has more potential), Miller(If not locked up before), Crabs(Probably tagged, hoping extended in season, or offseason), Dorsey, Skuta, Spillman all should be back in 2015.

If you go a year after that, the biggest FA would be Vernon and Aldon, and McDonald. Justin will likely retire by then. Gore will be retired by then I hope, I dont want to see him rot away somewhere else.

I am hoping Vernon, Willis, and maybe McDonald get extended this offseason. I always wondered why we didn't extend them when they redid their deals the past 2 seasons, when Bowman was extended, and when Willis redid his deal for cap space in April 2013.

Gore isn't really an extension so much, as it would be cap relief, if not, he plays out his $6.45M deal, and becomes a FA. He has slown down, so I hope if he is back, it's reasonable 1yr deals.
Originally posted by Gore_21:
Alright, he is one of the guys we thought could have to take a cut along with Baldwin and Rogers. Gore as well but seems like they aren't going to ask Gore to take a cut if they don't have to. Rogers I'm sure they want to get that cap number from 8.1 mil down to around 2.5-3 mil. My guess is Rogers won't take that cut. We can save 5.1 with about 3 in dead money. Wonder if we have talked to him yet? Just looking at the list other than Baldwin, Dahl and Rogers not seeing too many players who's cap number is way more than it should be. Skuta at 1.650 would probably have been redone if he was just a ST player but he proved valuable at LB and he likely won't be asked. Most of the time when they ask someone who isn't a star of the team it's because they are the closest to getting cut and they want to see if they will budge a little this way they aren't forced to cut them. In most cases they would rather keep the player at a reduced salary than cut them even if it's for camp competition and they still could end up getting cut anyways.

As for Dahl we all thought his contract was a little high as almost all of us believed he would be backup/ST. 3 years 5.25 which is 1.75 average. Well with this 600k pay cut we are at 3 years 4.65 which means a 1.55 average. And that's if he plays next year at full amount which he won't. His cap number is about 1.933 with only a 233k cap hit so 1.7 savings so expect him to either reduce again by a large margin or get cut fully. If he does play on a reduced the total contract will be somewhere around 4 mil for 3 years.

Edit: Some brought up Snyder at 1.3 million and only 250k in dead money if we cut him for a 1.050 mil savings. I'm not sure we ask him to restructure and honesty 1.3 mil for a guy who can back up all OL spots isn't bad at all. I don't expect him to get cut or restructure. He did well last year, better than when he was here last time.

Nice post and since Baalke said, they didn't need to restructure you, I was under the impression this was b/c we didn't "have to." I have little doubt this FO has everything pretty much worked out and under control including CK, Aldon and others. Clearly there is a plan in place here. I personally see this move as security for Whitner not budging on his contract demands or in preparation of letting him walk. It's depth/security. Nothing more. That said, I still see Whitner gone (first impression) as well as the others yuo mentioned in Synder, Goodwin, Rogers and some high depth (maybe Osgood/Ventrone?).
Just want to give this a bump in the wake of his long overdue release. New regime cuts ties with Dahl on THIS roster. Dahl made last year's roster WITH the 17 departures we are all too painfully aware of.
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