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Sorry this is false. Kap admitted he made a presnap read and the ball was going to Crabtree regardless. It was a bad decision, a bad throw and cost us a trip to the Superbowl. People can blame players around him if they want, it was his fault we lost that game.
Kap lost the SB is old.

In the SB we give up 28 points in 30 min (plus some seconds). We never gave up 26 in 60 minutes in any prior other Super Bowl. We came inches from making the biggest SB comeback ever, but lets attribute everything to the last throw.

Anyone think the Great Flacco Offense was scarier than the Marino Offense? If we held Marino for 16 points, you'd think we coulda done a little better than spot the Flacco 35.

Perspective please.

I think you misread his post.