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3rd straight in N O

Remember we also had to go to Dallas 3 times in a row. Just the way it works out sometimes
I was there for the Super Bowl. I was there in November. I'll be there next season....and I'll be in Dallas . Can't wait
Brees should play Littlefoot in a Land before time live movie
Originally posted by Afrikan:
I'm sure they are not too thrilled about it either.

edit- I personally don't mind.... we still owe them, and I like to play our away games in good conditions like in a dome.

I don't either. We've beaten them pretty good the last few years and they were gifted a win last season. I'm sure they can't be feeling too confident of having to match up against us, no matter where the game is played.
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Scheduling rotations between non-divisonal conference opponents work on three-year windows. SF having to travel to NO three years in a row is because:

2012: the NFC South champion was scheduled to host the NFC West champion
2013: New Orleans was scheduled to host San Francisco
2014: the second place NFC south team is scheduled to host the second place NFC West team

Any time San Francisco could possibly be scheduled to play New Orleans from 2015 through 2017, the game would be in San Francisco. That's how it works. The NFC West is scheduled to host the NFC South teams that finish in the same spot they do in 2015 and 2017, and San Francisco hosts New Orleans regardless of what else happens in 2016. So there you go.
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