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How do you deal with football heartbreak? (The Keep It Real Edition)

Alright our season is officially over. As die hard fans we all feel heart break from all the emotions we've invested all year, and I'm sure everyone has their own way of dealing with how do you heal with a big loss?

Don't laugh, but I listen to sad songs, and try and let it all out.
Play with my kid & enjoy life
I don't know haven't found it yet. Today I will go on a hike with the family and try to forget about. I dread going to work tomorrow though
i see my kids and realize that football is a game then i get over it pretty quick
eh im over it the next day, 49ers winning a SB has no bearing on my life or any effect on it. it just something i enjoy being invested in and passionate about. if they win a sb im partying and happy, but if they lose a big game like yesterday yea im mad for a day but then move on the next. look forward to trying again next season.
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Proud of the 49ers and what they did this season. I was definitely entertained this season. My two little sons put things into perspective. Took the day off to clean up the house. Staying away from the doom and gloom threads.
I'm going to the movies and un-plugging for a while
I was thinking which lost was worst between the giants, superbowl and yesterday game. Then I started thinking well,peyton manning is going to be this year ray lewis since he is going to retire after the superbowl. So don't feel down because this year is manning year. Maybe next year or the following year is our year.
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My gf takes of her clothes and plays with lol.... but by the time she leaves I'm think of the game again.

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My gf takes of her clothes and plays with lol.... but by the time she leaves I'm think of the game again.
I just spend time with my family and refuse to watch or listen to anything sports related, at least for a while. And I hope that Manning destroys those punks from Seattle.
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No heartbreak for me.

I realize that next season we have alot to look forward to. Another year for Kap to develop, a new stadium, seeing a lot of the rookies that we didint get to se this year i.e.Tank and Lattimore.

Not to mention next year is SUPERBOWL 49!!!!

Is our destiny.

Keep your heads up we'll be back better , faster , stronger.

Like every other year homie. Start the offseason program. Reading about prospects look into the draft and dream of how the team gets better. And it will get better. Lattimore is coming. Tank is coming dial is coming. It's starting already
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Step away from football for a month or so.
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