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Will Jed York have his Eddie D '94 moment??

Many of you will remember that Eddie D after losing the second straight NFC Championship game to Dallas after the '93 season, took the elevator down with Carmen Policy and said something along the lines of "We gotta do whatever it takes to beat Dallas next year".

That year, it was summarized mostly as getting a few pieces on defense to overtake the Cowboys. They went crazy in free agency, shoring up both the front 7 and secondary. Killed it in the draft with Bryant Young and William Floyd. And of course the final piece a few games into the season was signing Deion Sanders.

We finally defeated Dallas in the regular season and then had an amazing champ game to close out the season. The balance of power finally turned.

In being HONEST, nearly twenty years later and looking as unbiased as possible, I believe this to be true of that rivalry:

The Cowboys as a team were put together better than the 49ers (even dare I say '94). A lot of this wasn't so much that they were far more talented, but thanks to the Herschel Walker trade, they built up the team as a monster in the draft, with sick OL and DL. In watching those old games recently, it was frightening how good they were on the line of scrimmage. Young would rarely have time to throw from the pocket compared to Troy. And it was hard for us to get a great ground game back then too because of this.

That was the crux of it. They had great lines and a pretty good QB, great RB, good FB and two very good WRs and TE. Their defense was very good but often would overwhelm us when we eventually trailed and became one dimensional.

The reason why we were competitive was because we had Steve Young, Jerry Rice, John Taylor who IMO were elite players that carried SF. Sorta like how the Packers aren't as good as us but Rodgers keeps them in tight battles with us every time. The way Kaepernick carried us today, reminded me of how Young carried us numerous times in those games.

In looking at this 49er/Seahawk rivalry, can we start to see any similarities in situations? Is this something we fix through personnel or coaching/scheme?

After seeing our team go up 17-10 on Seattle despite not having an excellent offensive effort, I think we are very close to being the undeniable best team in the NFL but still need to fix an item or two.

What really needed fixing today? Running game, short to medium passing game?

You fix one of these things and the 49ers defeat the Seahawks easily. I said it before, but if the running game outside of CK averaged 4.0 ypc, we would have dominated for sure. The final stat line for Gore & Hunter should be the big glaring sign (and it was basically the same last two times in Seattle). Other teams have run the ball far more effectively against Seattle in Seattle than we have. With our OL, it's pretty depressing. I don't care how well Seattle knows our team, some of that has to fall on personnel.

There's gotta be something that we can do, take a chance on to overpower every team out there and win it all. You don't win the most games regular & postseason over the last three years by being a fluke. Unfortunately winning it all requires being the best team at the right moment and sadly we haven't been able to capture it.

It sucks having to make these evaluations in September or November when your team is in a run. You hate having to deal with reality. Now that the dust has settled we can deal with it and perhaps even become hopeful and inspired.

Do you think Jed goes to Baalke and tells him to take a chance on a star FA RB or WR? Whatever it takes to get this offense to the next level. I love Iupati and want him to stay, but I don't know if the entire NFC pro bowl roster for OL wins this game for us today.

At this point if Roman stays, there's no other way to fix this quick than to do it with personnel. Personally I'd rather see all of our existing players utilized a hell of a lot more, but I know that's not going to happen.

The Patriots are the last dynasty we know of in the modern NFL, and haven't won a super bowl in nearly ten years. I'm ok if we only win one in the entire Kaepernick era, and stay competitive year in and year out.

A part of me is hoping Eddie has made the call to Jed or vice versa. That '94 team was won because of Eddie's passion more than anything. I think Jed has to do something.
We were a checkdown away from another Super Bowl ..
Yeah, maybe.

But honestly in this day and age with the games being so tight to the vest we have to outright dominate teams to get wins.

If you want to ensure a super bowl win, you have to be able to really bring it. Our defense is great but since it is no longer getting turnovers at the rate of 2011 (and perhaps red zone D as well), our offense is not enough at its current level to guarantee that championship.

I know it sounds a bit lofty in goal to talk about guarantee but damn it, this 49er team is so damn good it should have won an SB already!!!

Last year at New England.....that's the kind of game I expect from this 49ers team. That was the benchmark, and I want us to hit and surpass that somehow.
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did not read.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
We were a checkdown away from another Super Bowl ..

This!! The issue is that we keep losing to our new age Cowboys due to OB issues. A different monster.
I don't think we need to load up on weapons in FA, but we do need to hit a homerun in the draft just to stay up with Seattle and the impending challenge of Arizona and St. Louis.

I agree also that we were a check down (better decision making) away from going to another Super Bowl. I honestly hope if nothing else, that this loss gets the coaches to see the flaw in this offensive system. Colin's explanation as to why he went to Michael Crabtree is insane. He saw one on one and he liked the matchup? If he saw a one on one with Deion Sanders (not saying Sherman is the equal of Sanders), would he consider that a favorable matchup? I don't get it. That's not a favorable one on one matchup. A favorable matchup is Vernon Davis on a slow footed linebacker or when Kaep tried to go to the corner covering Boldin after Seattle's starter went out. He took an unnecessary shot and put the ball in a place that allowed Sherman to impact the play. Not only was it unnecessary, but there were wide open receivers on the play. Colin taking a step forward with his decision making will be even bigger than any new players we can add to this offense.
he needs to have his 1981 moment first
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Impossible, 1994 was the last uncapped year, the NFL has a salary cap now. Spending money on high paid free agents is the road to ruin these days. With the current salary structure building through the draft is a #1 priority.
Who is our one-year league minimum Rickey Jackson signing?
Jed can have all the Eddie D moments he wants,it wont mean jack s**t.Throwing the ball away in the red zone,down one score,with TO's n 4 downs to utilize must not happen.

Originally posted by BobS:
Impossible, 1994 was the last uncapped year, the NFL has a salary cap now. Spending money on high paid free agents is the road to ruin these days. With the current salary structure building through the draft is a #1 priority.

This. It cannot be done today.

I like our young guys Patton, Lattimore, McDonald
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