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Carlos Rogers RELEASED

Got burned too often today.

No reason to keep him with Culliver coming back.
cut his ass tonight.
Originally posted by jonesadrian:
cut his ass tonight.

lol he's definitely a goner.
Rogers returns and our defense plays it's worst game of the season.
I knew from the beginning he was practicing he was gonna cost is a huge play and behold it happened
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Rogers returns and our defense plays it's worst game of the season.

All on him minus the whitner blunder and Reid's bad angle on lynch's 40 yd run. Offense, offense and secondary should be all our picks
This dude hurt us really bad. He did nothing but get beat for the game winner. Gotta get better at that spot. This guy better be cut soon enuff.
he's getting cut

he comes back
and gives up the 4th down td pass?

he has to go.

that 9 million dollars is going to people who can actually play.
He had a great 1st year has been beatin like a drum after than.
Rogers was rated the worst slot CB in the league this year, giving up 80% completion when thrown his way. His 7 mil salary wont be a hard decision to cut him as well. Cant wait to see him off our roster.

Not sure if it was all his call but worst move my Fangio all year. I thought Cox made it easy for Fangio with his performances in the 2 previous playoff games.
kick rocks Rogers gtfo
bye bye Rogers
I hope this is it for Rogers. I will say that he was in good position to make the play on that TD. Honestly, I was more pissed off at Aldon for jumping offsides. Don't think Wilson tries that throw if he didn't have a free play.
22 lacks the mentality of our defense. Doesn't take it personally. Refuses to stick his nose into tackling. His defensive style in one word...Matador
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