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Crabs and Boldin are trading off 100 yard games

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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Originally posted by mattster03:
And the best part is we also have Davis and QP

QP leveled that dude in the blocking game today on one of Crabs catches i think lol. kid is a baller and hes not afraid to get his hands dirty

QP also did well on Kap's TD run. Didn't exactly dominate his block, but got the job done. I love watching WRs block hard.

To the topic, it's crazy how much Crabs was featured in GB, then how much Boldin was featured in CAR. Can't stop them the same time. Legit WR corp.
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they're gonna tag team that Seahawk ass so hard all the babies born in Seattle in 2014 are gonna look like them.
This is awesome!!!!!!!! this is what i pictured the whole season being like from the start before Crabs got hurt. Not the trading 100 yard games part but one player dominating some games and the other dominating others. This is why it's so important Boldin re signs for next season imagine with Boldin and Crabs doing this all season then throw in a stud 1st round pick at receiver to be groomed by these 2 and with Patton in the mix and VD the offense would be a force.
Originally posted by zillabeast:
Quinton Patton,

Come on down

Albeit one catch, he did great with his limited looks and was feisty when blocking, just needs to work on his leverage since he's pretty light.
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