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Harbaugh Cheat Song

P.S. Harbaugh has that great quote in regards to all of seattles player suspensions for PEDs that goes something like.. "once you've cheated, you've already loss". Harbaugh is a man of integrity who respects the rules of the game. Cant be said for Pete the Cheat..
lol, seahawks fan complains about cheating while their team is notoriously known for holding and bending the rules. lol
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How many PED related suspensions is that now?
Funny cause I didn't watch
hahaha I thought it was funny. I remember when he called 4 timeouts. It was the referees fault for not recognizing that he already used all the timeouts.
it wasnt even funny
Happy Christmas, even to immature Seahawk fans who just come here to spread ill will.
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