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Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Miller's great, but yeah... big Dix will fill in adequately and be fine.
Dixon is the ONLY viable option at this point. He practiced FB a few years back and has been in the offense for 3 years. He is the ONLy option.

the OTHER two options are as follows.

1. Owen Marecic
2. Will Tukufua

I think I have more confidence in Dixon that the above.
Originally posted by midrdan:
I have confidence they will scheme around Miller's absence and that Dixon will perform well with the limited portion of Miller's work load that they give to him. But he ain't gonna do everything that Miller is asked to do.
When has this coaching staff schemed to anyone's strengths on offense?
Didn't boogie flatten a LB lead blocking on one of his 4 plays last week? My dvr was out, so I couldn't rewatch it, but I'm pretty sure he got a good one. I think he can do it, but I don't know if he can sustain that physicality for 40 snaps a game.
I think some just need to go back and watch the preseason games.. like Kaep, we pulled Miller out of these games pretty early. Dixon was going against starting defenses for a drive or two. He played fullback first for other RBs trying to take his roster spot...then later switched to RB to get carries. During preseason you can see how good his run blocking was... as well as his pass blocking.

I'll just paste this here as well.

will he be just as good as Miller run blocking?
it is hard to say, just because of the chemistry with Miller's run blocking. He has great awareness...and is able to get multiple blocks on runs here and there.

The one benefit that can come out of this is those passes to the flats that we do to Miller, those can be huge gains with Dixon's speed and running ability.

This can also make our diamond pistol formation more creative with Runs with Dixon.

Also, those 1 yard runs we tried with Miller might be more effective with Dixon's speed and power.

This might also make some posters happy who hated seeing Dixon taking carries away from Hunter/James ( I personally didn't mind it late in games however)

it might also force Roman to open up the playbook...more spread formations, which I think can help our read option plays.... shotgun spread, with Gore/Hunter/James runs up the middle.
to be honest I'm not worried about too much stuff...i'm more worried about how some will turn on Miller if Dixon plays like how I expect him to play.

I think our offense will look better...and Dixon will look good.

to which I expect the "faithful" here to be mumbling about weather to keep Dixon as starter next year..while underrating everything that Miller has done for us so far.

I don't mind competition...or making our offense better...but I just don't like when folks start undervaluing our previous players accomplishments, just to make a point.

only few things I'm worried about with Dixon..

his durability of going up against top defensive players, who are also quick and big than he is. (Dixon has shown in the past he is a work horse, but just never know)

catching Kaep's bullets...hopefully most of these passes will be catch-able ones like the ones in the flats...but if we have Dixon running TE routes like we did Miller (1st Seattle game) and expect him to catch bullets...don't know about that. It was hard to expect Miller to do those. I don't know maybe Dixon will surprise us with his hands.
A hell of a lot more confidence in him then someone like Marecic. He supposedly no longer has the desire to play so bad decision was simplified. All the life must've been sucked out of him by playing for the Cleveland Browns where all careers go to die. I mean look at how much happier guys like McCoy, Dawson and Ventrone are after getting out of that hellhole. On second thought, Owen was signed by the Niners for a nanosecond but was then waived by the same guy who coached him in college and made him the 'teacher's pet' so to speak. Maybe that was just too much for him to take so he pulled a Glen Coffee.
Dixon yo mouf!!!
I see Dixon coming out and channeling Tom Rathman for a few games and getting himself a good contract somewhere else.
Just have that feeling that Dixon will embrace his role as a FB and have a positive impact. As reliable as Bruuuuce was, I see Boobie as a bigger, faster and stronger FB. Defenders better beware, Dixon will lay out defenders with his blocks or if he gets a chance with the ball.

hungry, big bodied back with some speed, can block well, willing to do anything the team needs every week and hes looking for a starting role and new contract next season from someone. i'd say hes a great fill in for miller
Some... Depends if he is really motivated about the play his in on cause when he is hyped up ive seen him shine at times...
I think he could be really good at catching passes out of the backfield if Kap ever throws to him. He's a much better receiver than Miller.
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Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Didn't boogie flatten a LB lead blocking on one of his 4 plays last week? My dvr was out, so I couldn't rewatch it, but I'm pretty sure he got a good one. I think he can do it, but I don't know if he can sustain that physicality for 40 snaps a game.

Serving pancakes

Same question as usual, why wasn't he being played more than 2 carries on goal line, or 2plays run blocking. Our HC and both roman and fangio are nutty about not finding out what we actually have sitting on the bench...unnhhh...Tramaine is a case in point. How many more guys like tramaine are sitting on the, Dix? that is an absolutely stupid and horrible weakness of all 3 coaches, but mainly JH. I love the guy, but still,not knowing what you got in your toolbox? c'mon.

just for comparison, in game against Saints, Brees finished with 11(ELEVEN) completions to 11 different guys. Don't you think we might complete passes to say 7 or 8 guys every game? Sure screws with the Defense's heads.
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