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Russell Wilson's career QB Rating: 103.0
Russell Wilson's QB Rating vs. 9ers: 80.4

(47 comp. 88 attempts 634 yds 6 TDs 4 INTs) and really, he had one stellar game with 4TDs and 1 INT. The other three games have been very pedestrian.

- worst for any team with more than one game played


Guess it would stand to reason that QBs, in general, perform worse against stellar defenses . . .

Colin Kaepernick's career QB Rating: 94.4
Colin Kaepernick's QB Rating vs. the Hawks: 53.4

(47 comp. 93 attempts 546 yds 2 TDs 5 INTs)


Really, both qbs have struggled against each other with the exception of last Dec for RW.

My point was that unless something dramatically changes, RW (and Kaep) won't light up the scoreboard against each other. These games will come down to defense, running, and ST.