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2013 - Week 13: Thoughts after rewatching the game

Condolences on loss of your family member, Marvin.
sorry for your loss marv, i personally never had pets but i seen how the passing of my uncle's dog sent him into a funk. hope all is well my friend.
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Brock, Wright and Brown (when healthy again) should be our top 3 cb's but Im not jim harbaugh, i dont get to make those decisions. But all of you take notice come playoff time and even the rest of the season. Our success will lie on carlos rogers because he starts (shouldnt be/slowest of the corners we have + coverage ability in space is horrible), and good teams will take notice of the weakness in our defense and that only lies on carlos' side because our defense from top to bottom is pretty stout. The game we lose (if we lose in the playoffs), take notice on how carlos did and the passes thrown into his direction or side because the other corners are playing at a high level right now.

Yeah I'd say Rogers is the weak link in the secondary right now. I don't think he's quite as bad as you're making him sound though. He's solid some times and other times he does get beat. He's no Nate Clements though. He's not getting beat at that level. If he does start to struggle more though, I hope the coaches aren't stubborn and would be willing to have Brown, Brock, and Wright as the top 3 corners. Hopefully Brown is back soon.

He's bad.

One can forgive almost everything, but lack of heart. Notice Carlos' half hearted attempts at tackling the ball carrier on both of Seattle's TDs? Feeble.

I'll be so glad when he's no longer on the team.
Carlos Rogers unfortunately starts and unfortuantely has alot to do with our coverage mishaps or breakdowns. How often did they used to throw at TBrowns side? How often now at TBrocks side? not very often did you see those guys in action, starting opposite Rogers, and were talking with only 2 wr sets, not with Rogers covering the slot. Mark my words, the playoff games will be win or lose on defense based on Rogers play if he continues to start. His effort is what did it for me, he lacks even trying to force anything.
just wanted to convey my condolences on your loss... may she rest in peace.
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Lol guys let's save the Carlos bashing for the actual thread.
Sorry for your loss, Marvin.
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