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Bunch of jive turkeys!
Thought you more of a walter vs a micheal. Eat good folks
Happy T-Day fellas!

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I stumbled across this site a long time ago and it has pretty much been the first site I look at everytime I have gone on the internet ever since. I live in an area where the Niners are not a topic of conversation ever and it has been great to have a place to discuss my team with people that understand what I am talking about and feel the highs and lows the same way! It is funny how there are always certain things we disagree on but overall we are on the same team. Will be much more thankful with Ring no.6 this year though!!
moms just got back from SJ / SF area, asked her for some 49er gear, she came back with two nice niner T's and a giants T. Oh moms, at least she got two out of three correct.

this is the only site i check for niner news, and i go here at least once a day, thanks to everyone that makes this site what it is

I love the intelligent and stupid discussions which develop on this forum. Thanks to everyone who contributes their 2 cents. Also, thankful we have a damn good team to root for. Go Niners!
Thankful for this site, thankful for this team, thankful for boths storied history. During the rough years (2000's) this site was a great pastime and fun as hell when the Hostler, RayeGun, and everything else was in full effect.
THANKFUL ! :b to the zone and the 9ers for everything! ,, guys have a good thanksgiving!
For the soon-to-be 6th for the new case at the new stadium

This year, WE are going to get hot going into the playoffs

It will be all the sweeter to win in SEA with KAEP throwing a TD over Perrish Cox!
I'm thankful that we've realized Kaps limitations as an NFL QB so early. That way we can draft our future and groom him.

Im thankful for all my brother in fanhood, whether your ocd conspiracy theorists, pessimistic downers, optimistic never say never types, or grumpy ass mods with itchy hand for the ban hammer. You guys all kick ass!!!
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Happy T-Day fellas!

staley is so out of shape
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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Happy T-Day fellas!

staley is so out of shape

It's Snider!
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