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Saw Lupati Today

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Originally posted by theduke85:
We need Lupati back, without him Colin Sackorpick is toast.

Originally posted by TheSixthRing:

"See you at Lupati, Richta!"

Originally posted by ninerfan52:
I was in Japan Town in San Jose "live right by there" I was leaving a coffee place on Jackson St to go work out and saw a big fit looking dude getting out of his car, got by him and realized it was Lupati, he sort of looked my way, gave a half wave, but that brace he is wearing, he has a hard time walking.

Driving off, thought of reversing and stop and talk to him, then decided to go to the gym, didn't want to bother him, so sorry for no pictures.

Who said that doe
Originally posted by ninerfan52:
OMG, just got back from working out and you don't have anything better to do here

You will probably never hear the end of it. Its like making a thread about Patrick Willman or Vernon David.
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