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I think Kap is overrated.

Originally posted by gunslinger8:
I think our entire front office is way too cocky in their talent evaluating. Baalke thinks he can draft any WR and turn them into a superstar. Harbaugh thinks he can turn any QB into a superstar. Wrong on both, fellas. Aldon Smith has SERIOUS character concerns and will be sleeping on Shawn Merriman's couch next year if he keeps it up. Last draft steal we had: Bowman. That was Singletary's pick, gentlemen.

Wrong, Mays was Singletary's pick. Bowman, Davis and Iupati were Baalke picks.
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Originally posted by iCameHere2LaughatU:
Hes overated for sure. We want Alex back

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Roman. Our only TD came on a drive where we ran the he decidres not to run anymore. I agree with the notion that Kaep needs to take checkdowns more and take what the defense gives him, but Roman is f**king up BIG time.
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Should be cheap next year. Like league minimum cheap.

don't bet on it, he will put up good numbers once he gets all his weapons back, bank on it.

Not banking on Crabs coming back...and Ham wont fix everything
He's not overrated. I'm not panicking. I stayed strong during the dark years. This is nothing.
Originally posted by AB81Rules:
He isnt overrated, what is overrated is Roman and his play calling. A pitch to Dixon, Dixon? The slowest back on the roster? And he is terrible as a RB. Man he needs to go.

Dixon, Kyle, Moore, all need to be gone asap. And Roman needs to shape up, 2yr extension seems stupid now. Hopefully he gets hired as a college HC.

THIS............CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STFU about Kaepernick and the WR's, NONE of that is the issue. The playcalling was insanely bad, Pep Hamilton did a far better job of calling the Harbaugh/Stanford offense than Roman has done in a long time. Gore was averaging 7.5 yards a carry, the 49ers were hammering the Colts with the run, so what does Roman do? Stops running the ball to try and chuck it downfield.
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Gore, 11 carries, 82 yards, 7.5 average.
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out of meds?
Why won't Roman call a screen play? His play calling is mind boggling. He abandoned the run game way too early.
He needs to keep his shirt on, stop making commercials and practice playing football! He acts like he is all mighty yet all he has achieved is the title of being the only 49er QB to throw a pic in a Superbowl and also lose one!

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