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The #2 WR Dilemma Discussion Thread And Poll

The #2 WR Dilemma Discussion Thread And Poll

Kyle Williams is a Turd. Fell to the ground making a catch over the middle yesterday (thinking he would be hit) when there was nobody around him. He could have caught the pass in stride and picked up another 20 yards. The only reason he is still is on the team is because we have hurt players and he knows the playbook. Get rid of him and develop someone else.
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Ummmm...this is nothing new. Going into yesterday's game, I'm pretty sure the Packers knew that Boldin and Davis were the 49ers 2 best receiving threats. If they didn't at the start of the game, they certainly did by halftime. Roman and Harbaugh are aware of this as well and will design plays to get both of them the ball while also understanding that its going to be a greater challenge against the Seattle secondary on the road in Seattle.

All things considered, I'd say Williams had an encouraging game. Kaep missed him a couple of times when he was open. That will get worked out. I'd expect to see more of McDonald in Game 2 as well, not to mention a better day running the ball as Seattle (and other teams) will react to Kaep's first week performance throwing from the pocket.
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Who is Kevin Williams?



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