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Could 49ers defense handle the Broncos??

Potential superbowl opponent.

So many weapons.

Or do you think we would have gotten our butts whipped too?
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a lil early with this?
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We can handle them no problem.
lol yes.

ravens D is a shell of their former selves.
Better question. Can the broncos handle us in the trenches...I think not. The ravens are terrible this year. For all the hype given them, their defense is not better than last year and after they lost Jones and Oher they kinda fell flat on offense. This game didn't show us how good the broncos are as much as how bad the ravens are. The ravens will not even make the playoffs this year.

Originally posted by pahlerbj:

This. It's one game. Against a JV defense. Not worried.
best way to stop that broncos offense is to keep them off the field by running alot and converting 3rd downs...
A little early, but I'll bite.

We win if our pass rush can get to Peyton who's receiving options right now are better than our DBs.
Also let's say NY is 40 degrees come SB, Peyton is 0-4 in playoffs at that temp.
And our D is a 3-4 which Peyton struggles against. (Only downside is Belichick's and Lebeau are better coordinators than Fangio)

I think Kaep and the O can score at least 20 on Denver's D, even with a healthy Von Miller.

Will we play off 15 yards?
Originally posted by boast:
a lil early with this?

No, it's a very rational thing and makes so much sense to start talking about potential SB opponents after a grand total of 1 NFL game.
we would put so much pressure on peyton
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Our defense would shut Manning down and stuff the run! look what they did last year to the mighty powerful Patriots, Packers and Saints...
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