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Regarding other teams targeting Kaep to injure him this year

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Bro, it's time to switch to decaf.

Lol. Dude I've tried that and everything else. I wake up feeling like Sammy Hagar every day....there's no cure! Boxer, football, basketball, run global firms, people waving huge money in your face...can't stop this till I'm ded lol...
Decaf doesn't work for me lol. I wake up every day feeling like Sammy Hagar even when I try to stop it! Kill Seattle!
I saw one segment (ESPN or NFLN - can't remember which) where they were talking about the concern of "cheap hits" on QB's running the read option after they hand off.

They said that if the QB starts moving backwards after the handoff (towards their own goal), they will be protected by the Refs. If the QB continues to try to carry out the fake and run forward, they are fair game. They showed several video clips to show the difference. Some of the read option QB's already understand this, and you could see them clearly giving themselves up after the handoff. They showed Kaep doing it in the second half of the Super Bowl on several plays, but he was still getting a good "push" (two hands to the chest) as a minimum on almost every one of his hand offs.

Not sure if this lowers the effectiveness of the play. Seems to me that if the QB is backpeddling the split second he completes the handoff, it will make it easier for the Defense to make a play.

We'll see.
I would put an extra player in the backfield to protect Kaep, like a pseudo-defensive lineman playing full back. Go ahead try it Mathews!
Send Boobie or Miller at the knees of the guy wanting to hurt the qb...
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Rathman would expel any thought of hitting the QB, and did.....we need a Rathman next to Kaep
Originally posted by D-NOTTE:
I kinda think Harbaugh is paranoid with Kaep's health.... Little reps in preseason, Changing his his jersey because a player got close to him in practice and now going to the league officials for trash talk. I understand how important Kaep is to our team but "come on Bro" this is football.. Kaep is no pu**y....Thats why he lift all them weights.... but I'm guesing its also a concern because he wants to make sure the playing field is level as between Kaep and Peyton or Brady and that he would be rewarded the same protection.

Our 1s have had limited reps every preseason under Harbaugh it seems. Even the dress rehearsal 3rd game our 1s never put in as much time as our opponent. I think he doesn't want the injury nor does he want to show too much. And yes I believe he wants to ensure that Kap is treated as a passer when he is acting in that capacity. It is human nature as a defender to attack the ball carrier with malicious intent and defenders will. Harbaugh just wants to make sure that when Kap is not a ball carrier but a passer he is afforded that appropriate protection
Tukuafu in the backfield on a read option. Kaep fakes the hand off to Will. Tukuafu blows up Clay Matthew. Message sent.
Originally posted by xtm059:
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Clay is going to get punched in his big awesome face.

And realize that our o-line is the greatest.

Like Ever.

Throughout time.

He's going to have such a bad day that he will have to go to his man cave. Even that won't make him feel..............


pretty tough to hit the qb from the ground, puny ass linebacker

lol. Great pass-rusher. Average/overrated at about everything else.
My thing is how can you tell the difference if it is a read option or a play action at the point of attack?
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Originally posted by Magzarillious:
My thing is how can you tell the difference if it is a read option or a play action at the point of attack?

Right and this is why I say our defense and others will light into the Mannings, Brady, Brees, Rodgers of the world and say "Hey, that handoff looked like a read option fake to me so I hit him as a ballcarrier". To me all QBs should have to fall back after every handoff to make this fair because that "posture" thing is a load of BS. Hand off and reverse field and then we have true clarity. You can't just punish certain QBs because they appear to be athletic or hitting the gym to be considered a running threat. Treat them all the same
Just wait until the league gets a load of Joe Looney, I think by midseason he'll be a pro bowl leg breaker! Mark my words!

Unleash the Looney Beast on Clay!!!!
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Originally posted by verb1der:
Just wait until the league gets a load of Joe Looney, I think by midseason he'll be a pro bowl leg breaker! Mark my words!

Pro Bowl Leg Breaker! LOL! Or as a hoops player I know, Dr Ankle Snapper
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lets not get to caught up in this blather. just play the game. no matter what one thinks of the rules they are there. if ck puts himself out there then he will get hit. thats football and every team tries to put a lick on the quarterback. look what we want to do with rogers. Jh is trying to get in the heads of the refs and of course as you recall with a couple of games last year when he tried to do that, it was a failure and all that came out of it was that he got outcoached and played by the rams coach
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