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49ers most interesting and informative posters

Some WZ posters just like to comment, others bring up interesting or controversial ideas. Some folks have read this blog for yrs, and never said a peep. A few of those have recently begun posting. Some folks are incredibly thoughtful, some few absolutely brilliant, and some have current 49er info just hot off the wires, practice squad sessions, or are first to report national 49er breaking news. I wish to recognize those posters that have made this site so much fun for me over the past...honestly I don't know, but probably 5-6 yrs.
So here goes, with special mention to a few who not only make fun to read, but interesting and frequently informative.

To begin, special mention to AB who has taught all of us about the ins and outs of cap football, and continues to keep us informed as rules change, and status of our players do also. AB is one of those rare guys who also knows his football, but combining that with his cap knowledge, makes him my favorite poster. I thought I knew football, but the truth is, until you understand cap football, you really don't understand football at all. Special thanks, AB. It is amusing at times when someone challenges AB on his facts. Here's a hint. If he says it, you probably ought to book it.

Next two are NinerGM and NCommand. These two guys consistently come up with interesting new posts of interest to all, but they are the ones who know their football, but write in such a manner that their posts are not only fun and interesting to read, but also informative.

The remainder of posters I enjoy reading I will just list as a group, altho many have certain extra knowledge that makes their posts interesting .
In no particular order, here they are: Corva, qnnhan7, dj43, dtg, OTC, young2rice, GNielsen, oldman9er, Golittacamper, Marvin and his great summaries, sincalfaithful ,tjd808, JoeCool, blizzuntz, oldninerdude, gore 21, Maddog, mayo49, Afrikan, and a special tip of the cap to our Mods, and I will list 2 , but there have been many more who really help make this site run: Ninefourniner and Kolohe. Oh and how could I forget cciowa, one of my favorites.

Unfortunately, I am leaving out many others whom I enjoy, but the above guys have my heartfelt thanks for making this an interesting, fun, and informative site, the likes of which are not found elsewhere. So thanks you to you all and also to the many guys over the yrs that have provided so much enjoyment and information...and please, keep it coming.
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Thank you, pasodoc9er. I'm proud to be included.
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Stopped reading at JoeCool.
Thanks Doc, I am #1 for the 1st time. lol, jk. But yeah, I try my best.

I always liked You, cc, Gore_21, NCommand, even SanDiego49er is a cool guy(Not to say you weren't before, but we went at it numerous times). My friend PTulini, and SunDevil, who works with me on

GhostOfFredDean was always a good guy. IdahoNiner, BoiseNiner, 2 cool guys who always participate in my annual NFL Mock Drafts.

jreff22 is a god guy too. Have chatted with him plenty of times. OldMan, and oldninerdude are good guys.

The WZ girls are also classy. I dont wanna name names, I might forget some. There aren't many, but they true diehard 49ers fans.

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He doesn't like my posts
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No mention of Amir???

And the useless poster of the year award goes to ME
Alex Smith is still terrible.

People won't like this, especially the parking lot clan. Yeah tough to not leave anyone out as well. AB covered some... SunDevil and GOFD. They had poster awards in the parking lot.

Some categories that were not included....

Best Count Downerer: Mayo49
Best Whooer: DANADA
Most Interesting Man In the World: Pasodoc (read his story about becoming a 49er fan lol)
Best Thread Bumper: Dr. Bill Walsh

Any others....
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No hope for the little guys...
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
No hope for the little guys...

I've been impressed by a lot of the new posters that have joined recently. Some of these guys come in and I'm amazed that they can come in post 1 and contribute and being extremely knowledgeable about what they are talking about. I mean just because you aren't apart of a message board doesn't mean you can't be knowledgeable just great to see new posters come in that can contribute and make the message board a better place not a worse one.
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

LOL! Like I could give a flying f**k what people here think of me!
I thought this thread was going to be about informative posters i could hang on my wall or possibly on the sides of buildings to educate people on the 49ers, but instead...
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