Marvin, as you said this isn't about the game, but the settlement stunned everyone...problem was there are a bunch of older , retired guys who need the money now. And $765Mil goes a long way to helping them. What wasn't addressed, was the players playing now. Not much left for them when they get neurologic sx, or arthritis, or whatever. The money really was a sop to take care of the guys who needed it now, and they put a lot of pressure on NFL and PA. to get something done now.

What I don't know is how the contract reads, but I know for a fact , if disclosure was permitted , the settlement would have been a lot higher. In a few yrs the data collected is going to reflect what is known now, but not proven...and that is this is like being in the Coliseum with the gladiators....who either won or got carried out on their shields. In a few yrs the league is going to have to contend with huge data studies showing what their own studies already show....this is a dangerous sport and money should be set aside for guys who get really dinged up and need medical help later in life. It's gonna happen. NFL now has about 4-5 yrs or less before the big studies are made public, and then the NFL is going to have to pony up....really it should be that an amount of each yr /team is taken out for reserve of help to those who were injured but didn't know it til later in life. It will happen to guys playing today, and settlement avoided considering those guys.

Overall tho, I understood where PA was coming from.