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Our Schedule is awesome.

I love our schedule - it's tough early on, too. Every game is going to be good, hard-fought wins or losses (hopefully wins obviously).

I can't wait for Week 1!
Brian, I agree with your point about playing so many tough teams at home. AGreed, big advantage. That said, I also agree with jvangeystel, because GB is going to be better this yr and will be playing for revenge. Indy, Luck will be better this yr and same for the entire team. Houston, again, a better team than last yr and they were great then. Saints? Wow, Sean Payton is best playcaller in the league, and his absence showed us how important he was. Saints are probably going to playoffs this yr after being a decimated doormat last yr. Atlanta, great last yr, better this yr.

So you see, home advantage alone, doesn't tell the whole story. All those teams got better this yr...but so did we. Question is did we get better than they did? And I would have to own up to being a homer and say altho all those teams are better this yr, we got better yet. Still, after 6 games I could see us at 3-3 just as well as I could see us at 6-0. No one has seen this O play under Kap in over 6 mos. No one has seen our DBs play in over 6 mos. We all hope for the best, and it is pretty much guaranteed on the O side. The D side? heck, somebody could come in and lite up our DBs. So, for me, guessing at first 6 games is just that...guessing.
The Packers came out blitzing hard against the Seahawks last night. But, they came hard on the blitz in the playoffs against Kaepernick last season too and we all saw how that turned out.
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