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49ers You'll Be Watching Most Closely in Week 2 of the Pre-Season

Every player thats healthy and good to go, yes including Kaep and the 1st group for at least 2-3 series. I want to see consistency in driving the ball downfield and score tds not field goals. The Chiefs has a good defense to give our offensive starters a good look at where they're at this point of training camp.
I was looking forward to seeing Vance but I will settle for Marqueis Gray instead. And of course I will watch AJJ
I want to see more of the Dorsey/Williams issue get settled.
I want to see more of Dobbs and Tukuafu and get that Dline settled out. Okoye will be on the practice squad.
I want to see more development out of Lemonier
I want more consistency out of our WRs and see someone desire it enough to get it.
I want to see more development out of McDonald but will have to wait another week so we will get to see more of Celek and Gray.
I want to see how our backup CBs work out especially Cooper and Morris.
Then lastly I want to see how our backup Olinemen develop. I think we are settled on the starting five and then Looney, Kilgore, and Adams will be the backup. I would like to see a tackle come up and be counted.
Finally I want to see some consistency and development in catching, tackling, no penalties, and time management
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Eric Reid for those hits, Ian Williams, AJ Jenkins (Really hope he can show us something) and Chad Hall.
My training camp crush...Jewel Hampton.
Im interested to see Hunter and LMJ(who i dont think was very sharp last week). I think Hunter steps right in no problem to reclaim his #2 role.

Battle at WR, Moore, KW, Collie ..........Jenkins of course, and i really wish Patton was playing. Also interested to see if Osgood continues to fight for that ST spot.

Interested to see how Dorsey performs, as i wasnt overly impressed there.

Nhamdi, as i was impressed last week, want to see more.

Reid, see if the kid will continue to progress, wasnt tested in coverage much last week.

Can Tolzien beat Mccoy for the backup?

The OLB group. A really strong group here. Interested to see the battle play out.
Originally posted by Mr.McGibblets:
Alex smith

After seeing McCoy and Tolzein, I really want to see B.J. Daniels get a good amount of snaps.
My attention is mostly going to be on the following groups of players:

- WR's - who will step up and will Kyle Willams show up now that he is cleared to play.
- CB's - my guess is that Brock, Asomugha, and Cox make the squad, but will they keep a 6th CB.
- O-line backups - our first team is basically an all star team so who backs them up?
- Backup QB - would love to see what BJ Daniels has as a QB.

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I'll be looking for:

- Lemonier to dominate someone other than a backup TE/RT.

- Anthony Davis to have a better game. I know Von Miller is one of the best in the business, but I have this thing about athletes that sign fat contracts and how they perform the following year. Usually it's 'sign a fat contract, take a year off'. Or at least be slow in rounding into mid season form due to a celebratory off season.

- Ian Williams: just excited to see a DT get push up the middle.

- More of Moore and Lockette. I'd like to see them get a chance on some deeper routes.
I'll be looking for.

---Kaep and the backup Qb's to go deep. I mean it was a great drive in the beginning, but a few times i remember in the gameday thread, it seemed like no one went deep. And the deep ball is kaeps bread and butter, so i'd like to see it from him and any of the backups.

---VD.. in practice he and kaep seem to be lighting it up all over the field, so id like to see one of those plays where maybe the top is off the defense, and kaep fits that ball over or in between a few defenders.

---Definitely who's gonna step up as the 2nd wide receiver.

---I'd like to see the rotation of our CB's, and who stands out.
Reid, Jenkins, Morris, Kilgore, Collie, Lockette, Gray, Tolzien, Lemonier.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Reid, Jenkins, Morris, Kilgore, Collie, Lockette, Gray, Tolzien, Lemonier.

These guys + BJ Daniels
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He better play well or he won't make the team.
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