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What song should Niners kick off to for 2013?

Going old school...Tupac and Dre - California Love
We used that for the Super Bowl entrance so song might be a curse for us now. That song fits and I like it but I'd rather not use one. It was half heatedly done last year and lost it's significance with Costanzo gone. That 2011 ST was one of the best groups I can remember in my 20+ years of watching football. Was a blast to watch them but at this point I'd rather have them just re-focus on getting back on top.
Ante up by mop
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Originally posted by xtm059:
Ante up by mop

Needs moar MOP

Beyoncé If you want it put a ring on it


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Metallica - Enter Sadman

Not exactly original, but still a badass tune. The band resides in SF. They did the star-bangled banner at a Giants game. It works.

I hate to do this but...

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Originally posted by Muggins:

two-way tie so far
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Tony Montana
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