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Kaepernick finding Vernon Davis is a good sign.

That was sexy
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Hope to keep seeing it all day
I love it. He's looking for Vernon this year. VD will have a huge year.
Oh hell yeah
Let's get this bumped up there. VD was sick today.
Originally posted by fropwns:
Let's get this bumped up there. VD was sick today.

He was excellent in protection too. Green Bay made a lot of fixes, I'll credit them for that.

I honestly don't think they would have fared any better at Lambeau. They were outgunned and are still outgunned....and they did everything they could to rise to the occasion after a summer of brooding over what happened 8 months ago.

Anyway, Vernon was incredible today, and this is just the start.
Great game C.K. showed he can pass big time !
The best VD catch I've seen...over the head, fully extended, perfect throw and a heck of a catch! Really excited to see that yesterday! Now someone needs to step up next game to help Boldin and VD! Would have liked to have seen Patton but Williams would have had a TD if CK hadn't been rushed to under throw him.
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