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I need 1994 49er Help Please Thanks.

I need to know who #99 on the 49ers was the 1st two weeks of the 1994 season. I know Tim Harris ended up being #99 in the playoffs and the Super Bowl but who was #99 in week 2 vs Joe and the Chiefs. Thanks guys

Artie Smith

Excellent thanks Dr Walsh. I totally forgot about Artie Smith. We drafted him in 93 the year before but he must have gave his #95 to Dent
Yup, and Dent got hurt in the same KC game, missed most of the season and was cleared for the playoffs but hardly played....expensive FA bust, but hey at least he got a ring one last time...rode out his career with the Bears in '95.
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I take that back, upon further research Dent did a several 1-year stints with the Bears, Colts and Eagles before finally hanging it up in '97....shouldve just gone out on top with the Niners....FA was in its infancy so he was probably just milking his legacy to get as much $$$ while he still could.
Just curious, why such a specific question?
omg wut nerds
Is Artie Smith Alex Smith's uncle
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

Aldun Smith


Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:
Just curious, why such a specific question?

I was thinking the same thing

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