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Sac Bee Reports Culliver In Long-Term Plans; T.Brown Not In Plans, Brock's Future

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Originally posted by 5280High:
Originally posted by kray28:
I thought about this thread. LOL...we are f**ked.

Thanks Baalke.


zone is cray cray
Will be remedied in the draft and w/the guys already on the team. It isn't like this happened during training camp when we have he roster set like w/Crabs and Cull last year.

The USUAL "Sky is Falling" crap from the Whiners!

Just like when we let Harrilson go the hand wrining was non stop. That clone is still a FA and NOBODYYYYYYYYY has even made an offer.

Trent will work his expertise and solidify the DB's for this season and beyond.
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