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The first EVER 49er touchdown and other GREAT stories of legend

The franchise's first touchdown was scored by Alyn Beals. The first score in 49ers history came on an exquisitely executed passing play. Quarterback Frankie Albert, a scrambling left-hander, tossed a 6-yard pass to halfback John Strzykalski, who tossed a lateral to Eshmont, who raced down the sideline toward the end zone for a play that covered 66 yards under the foggy afternoon skies of Kezar Stadium on September 8, 1946.

Sounds like Steve Young to......

Tired of those "commentators" dishing on Steve Young because he and your Niners whopped their backsides.

Be proud Niner family, you have it great.

Kyle Williams fumbles twice
AS was traded
Roger Craig fumbled a sb away
Jimmy Smith held Michael Crabtree.
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harbaugh / kaepernick cuckold of alex smith.
Originally posted by dobophile:
Kyle Williams fumbles twice
read this comment and made me laugh out loud.. my office mate asked whats so funny, i told him its a "49ers thing"... don't know if it was legendary but enjoyed the chicken dance by Merton Hanks... Also that regular season game against PHILLY about 10-11 years ago, the legendary goal line stand, 7 plays from the 1 yard line eventually ended in a 49ers interception, that was my first game EVER! EPIC, also attended the New Orleans game 2 years ago, enough said, I been fortunate to have some lasting memories from the STICK... at least the new stadium will be closer for us Los Angeles 49ers fans : )
My favorite was bill Walsh skipping like a little school girl off the field with roger Craig after the niners beat the bengals in a miraculous ending touchdown to rice.
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Jerry Rice breaks the record for most TDs on MNF against the Raiders. One of his three TDs that night was on an end around (or reverse?). He was badass that night.
Kaepernick rocking a Dolphins Kap to match what he was wearing and ruffling the world's feathers

Mike Singletary drops his pants in the locker room and Chris Culliver "aint down with the sweet stuff".
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