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What I don't understand about the read option craze

Is that everyone is saying that defenses will have it figured out because they have time to study it this off-season. It's not like it was INVENTED last year, or that it was some foreign concept to the NFL. It was being used more, but most around the league (players,coaches) have either run the option or played against it at some level of there careers.

Also, how does it take a whole off-season to study the read option? Michael Vick ran for 1,000 running the read option in 2006. 7 years later now more teams are using it. From week 1 to week 17, don't you think teams would notice that a team is implementing it? How much time do you really need to teach your defense the assignments? It just blows my mind that coaches who are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars cannot teach their defense how to defend something that has been around since at least 2006 during a 17 week season.

IMO, there's not much more one can "teach" their defense during the off-season to stop it. It's all about disciplined assignment defense. It all looks good on the white board but when game time arrives and decisions must be made split second, its a lot harder to defend. I think that its here to stay and will be apart of game plans for the foreseeable future. The ONLY downfall is that your QB might be exposed to more hits, which is why this is going to be implemented as a concept and not a base offense.
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