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its funny how people think justin smith was going to get release. the front office clearly made the move to extend him and justin smith clearly didnt hesitate to get the deal done and his agent wasnt involve lol.
What a great deal, nice work I hope he can stay healthy and can't wait to see the Tank! He's gonna learn so much from Smith, they are doin the right things here. Gotta love it!!!!
Again, great sign. Low risk on the 49ers part and a smart move by Smith. He has his money, now it's time to earn that ring.
Off Topic: With the new cap room we could extend Iupati, and front load it this year, or just a $7.5M bonus, and load it in 2015 when we have some cap room or 2016.

Also Brown makes $2.925M in base pay, we could convert some of a pay cut into a signing bonus, plus use some money left over from Justin's extension.

Also Boldin could easily be extended. And If McCoy shows something, he could be extended to be the #2 QB, as he has a $1.5M salary, why not sign him minimum deal with bonus, on a multi-year deal.

Or we could simply carry it over to 2014.
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