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Schofield Barracks, HI 49ers Fans

I am stationed on Army base Schofield Barracks. Looking for some "real" 49er fans to watch this Super Bowl year with @ the house. Anyone on Schofield??
thank you for defending our freedom.

God bless the USA
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Not in Schofield but thank you for your service.
Thanks! I fight for the Freedom to watch the 9ers!
So hard to find Army 49er fans that does what it takes to watch the game. I take leave to watch the game or the draft? Where are all the diehards!
you on lockdown or something?...plenty of niner fans in hawaii
There's a good crowd at Biffalo Wild Wings and Champions. New Buffalo Wild Wings opened on Pearl City just last week too, might be worth checking out.
Hey bro, a lot of us niner fans gon be at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Pearl City to watch the niners smash the cheeseheads on the first week. Stop by if your looking for some die hard niner fans to watch the game with. U won't miss us, trust me, were gon be the biggest party there.
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Thanks for your service. My dad was stationed a Barbers Point back in the day. He always used to talk about fun nights at The Pearl City Tavern.

I was at Schofield in 1972-74. I was the only 9er fan I knew of at the time. I used to sometimes go to a place in Wahiawa called the Inferno, but I wasn't there to watch football games.
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Thanks for your service.
Thanks for your service. Shoot to kill, drive on.
Thanks for your service.
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