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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

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As noted, some Achillies injuries dont take a full season off to recover from, we could get Crabs back later in the season

The others need to step up, I think they will
Can Okoye play wide receiver?
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Originally posted by DRUSTOPO:
Keenan Allen and the rest of those scrubs wouldn't have been any better at replacing MC's production than Patton, Lockette and AJ.

Not necessarily to replace Crab's production, but at least to have better WR rookies to mimimise the damage. And they are not "scrubs", there are good receivers in the draft. Imagine we lose 1 or 2 more during the season ?! Go figure...
I think I'm gonna puke.
I have gone on at length around here about how our WR core is still subpar, isn't deep enough, and doesn't have anyone we can count on besides Crabtree. Now I will say it even more clearly, our WR core is serious trouble. It was bad the last two years and it just got worse.

Hopefully this will motivate them to bring in more FAs for competition. I don't want guys like KWill or AJ starting just because they're the only guys we have. They need to earn those jobs by beating out experienced WRs, not by beating out joe Hastings.

We need to be watching waiver wire when teams cut down. And I would probably at least take a look at Dante stallworth now.
Let's discuss options going forward. Do we sit tight with what we have or make a trade/sign a free agent.

Who's out there and what kind of moves can we make??!?!

So this happened yesterday? Why were all the tweets from the first day of OTA so positive feeling?
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
because God said it was time for him
Originally posted by zillabeast:

Adapt and overcome. This sucks, but does it hurt our chances? I don't think do.

Yep, that's how you stay relevant throughout the ups/downs of the NFL. It's time to take the training wheels off AJ. And hopefully Patton and Lockette can provide ample production as well.

Maybe Vernon and Vance become Gronk and Aaron, and we run a super-heavy TE offense.
Chad Hall breakout season!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by zillabeast:




Adapt and overcome. This sucks, but does it hurt our chances? I don't think do.

Manningham is out !! We are screwed now !!
Trade KAep
This article sounds like it still needs confirmation:
It's like any other season, fellas, where the injury bug bites hard before TC even begins. Last year we lost some guys during TC, too. No one player will replace him, but we have some who can step up and contribute. My money right now is on Lockette to step up, he has, to. Given what they have said, he's the one who could stretch the field and pop the top of the secondary allowing Bouldin to become the possession receiver. If Jenkins can step up too, especially with route running, he can be a viable option in the slot.

Still, this injury will be felt. Kap and Crabs had a serious connection going. Thank goodness the two "vets"m who have to step up in Lockette and Jenkins, worked out with Kap this offseason in Atl. Whew! At least, those two should be ahead of the curve in OTAs. We should start hearing about these two and their performance in the OTAs.

Hope to God they do step up.

This blows fat chunky cheese!!!

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