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Solution(s) to losing Crabs

Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
Trying pretty hard to see silver linings:

  • Boldin is an adequate replacement as a primary possession receiver.
  • Lots of potential mouths to feed with Jenkins, Patton, McDonald, Williams, and Manningham. Now someone will certainly step up.
  • We will lock of Crabtree long-term at a bargain price.
  • Crabtree is owned by my rival in my keeper league.

#4 for sure! lol
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At first Delanie Walker is gone and now that one! That really SUCKS!!!
Someone get Crabtree a good prescription for PEDs fast.
As another guy stated. Resigning him now won't be as expensive. Now we focus on Kaep iupati and Aldon. Long season and Mike went hard trying to be the number one. Unfortunate injury but now we get to see more of the WRs that Baalke brought in
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Originally posted by blm7754:

Dude just got easier to resign He just lost his chance to prove he's worth $10M / year. Now we can see what we have with Quinton Patton and AJ Jenkins before we work on Crabtree's next deal.

Just looking at the bright side.

There is no bright side to this injury.

Just hope that is a minor tear, if such a thing exists.
I really wish today was April fools
Terrible news. Was looking forward to seeing the combo of Crabtree and Boldin. Crabtree was Kaep's go to guy. The trade for Boldin looks even better now. Time for Jenkins, Williams, Manningham, Patton, Lockette to step up and produce. Maybe Crabtree can heal like Suggs and come back sooner rather then later
Welp, that sure sucks.

Oh well, nothing we can change by feeling sorry for ourselves, so next man up!
Time to make a competitive offer to Cruuuuuuuuz

Originally posted by buck:
There is no bright side to this injury.

Just hope that is a minor tear, if such a thing exists.

49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree will undergo potentially season-ending surgery after tearing his Achilles tendon, reported USA Today.
well there goes our season.
This guy has the worst luck on foot injuries. Dayum... On his last contact year too. Tough decision for the FO. Pretty sure the Redskins will give him a big contract like Josh Morgan.
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Where are the Matts? I won't believe it until they say it.
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