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Best 49ers draft pick in the last 20 years?

Heitmann? Junior Bryant?
Originally posted by 9erguy:
Originally posted by ninermedic:
JJ Stokes
RW McQuarters
Reggie McGrew

oh wait OP says "best." whoops

Kwame Harris

Jim Druckenmiller
Kaepernick. Franchise QB in the second round.
It would have to be Frank Gore in my opinion. No one saw that coming. Willis and VD were all very high sought after picks.
Kaepernick is making me forget we passed on Brady & Rodgers!!!!
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Alex Smith
Andy Lee 6th round draft pick, 3x Pro-Bowler and 4x All-Pro!
Originally posted by NYCNINER:
Kaepernick is making me forget we passed on Brady & Rodgers!!!!

And the VAST majority of "experts" said we were stupid for passing on Gabbert and missing out on Dalton.
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He may have been the 7th pick but Aldon Smith has more sacks in the first two years of his career than any other player has had in their first two years.

I'm gonna put Vernon out there. You take him out of the offense and our running and passing game suffers.
Bruce miller

Navorro bowman
Originally posted by smithc28:
Ask this question in a year and its gonna be Kap

I was just thinking the exact same thing. If he turns out to be a franchise QB, getting someone of that caliber in the 2nd Round trumps even Gore, Willis, etc.
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T.O. is right behind Jerry in ALOT of categories. We consider Jerry the GOAT. So if T.O. can put up arguably the 2nd best numbers. How can it not be T.O.? As good as everyone else mentioned has been. To this point they dont have T.O.'s resume.
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