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49ers signed Glenn Dorsey

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Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Originally posted by nvninerfan1:
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
pretty sure Dorsey can do whatever Sopoaga can do
and he's a lot younger

Not a true NT though. He's a lot smaller, weight wise. I saw that he was 297 lbs and Soap was 330. We still don't have a true NT on the roster.

Then again, that 297 was from his combine....5 years ago! Call me crazy, but I bet he's put on a little weight since then.
He is an upgrade over Soap.
Oh hellz yeah.
I have a feeling we may show more of a 4-down front this year.
Didn't he play alongside RJF?
Originally posted by NYCNINER:
Now go get LaRon Landry!!! Another top 10 pick on our STACKED roster...

I'm sold on LaRon. He's brittle and the definition of a box safety. I prefer Huff.
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Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
So are we converting him to NT, or moving Ray Mac back to NT?

They're not moving Ray to the nose. Dorsey will play all along the line.
If we sign Woodson and Landry leaves Indy and comes to visit us goodbye Whitner. Just shows you how much baalke and harbaugh hated the safety play
saw 5 years 41.5 million and a picture of Dorsey on front page

i was like
we need to switch to a 4-3 Defense
Dudes garbage really, he can stop the run though

double post
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very meh
Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
I could see him flipping inside on passing downs with either Justin Smith or McDonald to give them a breather. They were on the field too much last year.

I'm hoping this is only the beginning of our DL additions. Williams/Dorsey essentially replace Sop/Francois.
Originally posted by Mann716:
Originally posted by mrgreene49:
Well, I am 49ers fan in kansas city, mo. I know he was being used wrong, but I never saw him look very good. I do hope that it just takes a move back to his more natural position and some good coaching. As long as we got him super cheap then I'm always ok with taking a chance on potential.

In your opinion do you think he's a NT or DE?

I think he is a NT. He never lived up to the number 5 pick but he did become a decent run stuffer in his final couple years. Plus he was playing with other under achieving lineman, ala tyson Jackson. Chiefs haven't had much luck with ends and tackles. Hopefully coaching and use will bring the best out of him.
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