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What's worse

Long time lurker here, but honestly the only way to get rid of the sting of losing that perfect superbowl record mark is to win two more and be in sole possession of the most number of Superbowl championships. Until then, this loss is always going to be a blemish on our franchise. I know that's a little dramatic, but the fans, players (past and present) and the management of this organization all took great pride in our history in Superbowl games.

I'm just hoping the team right now doesn't feel this sense of defeat and this "it's all over with attitude" that the fans currently feel. For a lot of the faithful, it's been 17 years of being emotionally vested into this franchise to get to our next Superbowl and to come within 5 yards of that is just utterly defeating and overwhelming. So I can definitely empathize with our fan base who are "overreacting" this wasn't just two years of hard work commencing into a tough defeat, this was almost two decades of moderate success and bitter dissapointment ending in one last loss on the biggest stage and the game was completely in our hands to win.
Superbowl... now our 5-0 reads 5-1. What a shame.
Perfection and tradition tainted, it hurts so f**king much, too. -This has been killing me the most, but I guess it's just apart of life, you can never be perfect no matter how hard you strive to be.

The only way to fix this is with either a perfect season (and have six), and/or 2-3 Superbowls to once again hold the most above any other team.
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Losing the Superbowl

I don't understand how anybody could think there is something worse than that.
I'd rather lose in the Super Bowl than any other round of the playoffs. It hurts more but you gotta be in it to win it
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Originally posted by OregonDuckNiner:
All I have to say is thank god I was drunk.


Yeah man if i watched it sober. I would remember every minute of it.

Which is good when we lose. But when we win, i rewatch the games. Its safe to say this is going into my vault of games i will never watch again.

Yeah. We had a couple of kegs and I kept going back to refill my beer every time the Ravens scored... It got outta hand pretty quickly lol

But I'll probably treat this game like the 2010 National Championship with Oregon vs. Auburn. I still haven't re-watched it and I don't know if I ever will.
i snapped out of the NFCCG loss last year pretty quick.

this one. not so much.
What's worse is the ads for ravens SB gear on this site
no question losing in the SB.

however, as a fan & player you always hope to make it to the SB game regardless.
Originally posted by socalniner:
What's worse is the ads for ravens SB gear on this site

adblock plus FTW.

I think the worst is multiple threads all asking the same thing

** I dont know whose started first, but your question left me able to answer :)
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