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What's worse

Losing the Super Bowl or losing a playoff game?

This hurts so much, I would have rather lost in the playoffs to Atlanta or GB rather than now drop 1 to the undefeated Super Bowl record that is no more.
Losing the Superbowl!
any season that ends without a championship feels the same to me. like a failure.
The Super Bowl with a WWE screwjob theme
I prefer raising the NFC champions banner over losing to Atlanta or GB. Yeah, being the "first loser" sucks, but the superbowl run was exhilarating and the anticipation made me feel like a 4 year old on Christmas Eve. So many memories made bouncing around hugging friends and high fiving strangers at the bars during the playoff wins... memories I will hold with me for years to come.
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Is this a trick question? We're 5-1 now. It stings deeply.
Hands-down the Super Bowl.
I still feel robbed over this Super Bowl. No holding calls, no off sides calls, no pass interference, no helmet to helmet calls.

I will never forget that 3rd and goal and 4th and goal plays where there was no calls.

It's fair now, the entire NFC West has been screwed by the refs in the Super Bowl. The Rams didn't get any calls against the Pats in 2001. The Seahags were utterly screwed as hard as possible against Pittsburgh in 2005. The Cardinals also were screwed against Pittsburgh back in 2008. The Steelers needed nearly 100 yards in penalties just to beat a 9-7 team that barely got there.

I will never laugh at Cardinal fans for complaining about 2008, or Seahawks for 2005, or even the Rams fans that pitched a fit over 2001. I now know how they all feel.
I didnt know where to post considering i cant make a new thread.

I wanna congradulate you guys on one heck of a game i was praying to the TV that our defense gets a stop there at the end it was a nail bitter. The similarities between our team's are soo evident from the coach to playoff performances players its awesome. It took us 5 years with a new headcoach and new QB to get to the superbowl knocking on the door each year. You guys have been arguably the best team in the league in the last 2 years to get to the superbowl in 2 years and with a QB change mid season says ALOT. Kaep is a beast that O-line is a beast, healthy recieving core and you guys would have won this game. give kaep a offseason as the starter keep building on top of the power house you got already. From one harbuagh coached team to another hope to see one of us in the big game next year it was a great game. Much respect.
Although its more of an accomplishment to make it to the super bowl, it stings that much harder.

We've never dealt with this as a fan base. Its rough.

5-1 or 5-0? Id rather take 5-0.

This was the worst out of all previous losses. Worse than the 1983 loss to the Redskins. Worse than the 1990 loss to the Giants. Worse than the 2012 loss to the Giants. Whats even worse, with those previous losses, i Could sense the niners were going to come back angry and hungry. With this loss, it just feels like they were defeated. I dont know if they can recover from this.
speaking honestly, waking up this morning and seeing all of the posts about saying we were robbed, the fix was in, refs cost us the game etc feels worse than losing the game. i felt we were better than that. theres nothing to prove any calls cost us anything. ravens could have had a td drive if they called back called back the return td. we could have still not scored even if they called a penalty on the 4th down play. nothing is a formality and its just the inner homer coming through when we resort to the blaming of the refs. we should have never let it get to that point and should have seperated ourselves from the ravens in the previous 50 something minutes of the game.
The Giants loss last year was the worst I've ever experienced. Maybe because we were the better team, and the Giants really did get lucky. At least the Ravens played great.
i think last year giants game was worse since we were close to winning. with this superbowl,we all know that we won this game if the ref wasnt all up on ray lewis c*ck.
I would rather us get blown out and ass raped in Atlanta. I would take that result over this one any day. We gave up our glorious perfect superbowl record and have forever tarnished this franchise. We allowed something legendary to become mortal and let something built by old elite 49ers teams to fall to dust. We were the only team to have won more than one superbowl without ever losing one and now we allowed the Ravens to become the only team with more than one without losing one. It makes me sick.
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