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To the Niners fans that thought Ravens were just clearly outmatched and overpowered...

You guys played tougher than i thought you could. You Offense was better than i imagined it could be. Your defense was about what i thought it would be. The differance was your offense showed up and our secondary didnt. Congrats. Now kindly f**k off.
Originally posted by Tical:
If you weren't one of the fans being disrespectful and dismissive of the Ravens and their fans before the game, this doesn't apply to you. Sorry I can't filter out this thread to only be seen by those ones. If you're a willing participant in the game of trash talk before the game you should be man enough to take the talk after the game too

Two teams trash talk before the game and the players meet up in the middle to shake hands and be good sports.

What you are doing is pathetic. Your life must be very sad if you have to come here to make yourself feel better after being picked on by anonymous internet fan forum posters.

Aren't there any funerals in your area you could disrupt?
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