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Who will have the most fans in the stands????

Who will have the most fans in the stands????

Who do you think will we see more of???? Been seeing alot of tweets that Ravens fans all over the place.
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Ravens. There was a live cam on bourbon street and it was almost nothing but ravens fans walking around.

The thing is there will be a mix of 49ers, Ravens, and a s**t ton of randoms. I highly doubt either team will have any more of a crowd advantage
NFLN broadcast from the field I see way more red
Usually the super bowl is populated more with fans of teams that aren't even playing. I think out of the two though there will be more 49ers fans simply because I think we have a more widespread fanbase than the Ravens. Outside of Baltimore I think there aren't many Ravens fans.
What reports I have seen mentioning the subject all week say there are more Ravens in town.
I was reading another prediction that said 70% Niner fans. I don't know what to think!
I'm just wondering if the crowd noise will be an issue for each offense.
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Idk, but here in Austin tx some friends asking to borrow jerseys
Most of those at the Superbowl will be bandwagoneers that probably got their jersey at the gift shop in the Superdome.
Ravens because our fanbase is weak as f**k

Most people there could care less about the two teams playing and just went just because

Lots of people all of a sudden care when the superbowl comes around
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