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49ers Crabtree sex assault investigation

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Hopefully just some women who say an opportunity for some money. If so this will be a huge lesson for him on who to surround himself with so this doesn't happen again.
Originally posted by Paul_Hofer:
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Originally posted by Paul_Hofer:
I hope MC is innocent. If he's not, I hope he serves a long sentence.

What if he is guilty of fondling the woman. Should he serve a long time for that?

Sexual assault or abuse is any type of sexual activity that a person does not agree to, including:

Rape or attempted rape
Touching your body or making you touch someone else's
Incest or sexual contact with a child
Someone watching or photographing you in sexual situations
Someone exposing his or her body to you

This is partly what's wrong with the legal system. They're lumping a bunching a few crude acts (fondling, exposure) with things like rape and incest. You can't tell me that those are on the same level. Context will be key here.
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Fellas, I mentioned this in the gameday thread, and it belongs here as well, can we, for the time being, until all the facts come out, stop referring to the woman in question in a negative light? I ask this for the betterment of our community, especially in a world where people will take the comments of a group and use them as the sine qua non feelings of a whole fan base. I also ask because we do have female members here, who I suspect do not appreciate it.

I will say this one time, if the woman in question is going for a money grab, it'll come out and Crabtree will be exonerated. If not, then Crabtree will have his day in court.

Lastly, we are all frustrated by this, we have all waited to get back to the Super Bowl, and with the opponent being Atlanta, we are quick to remember 1998. This is 2013. One player, even if it is Michael Crabtree, cannot entirely disrupt our body of work this season.
Regardless of the allegations against Crabtree, and to his credit he is cooperating with the law, I must say this:

"Who's got it better than us?"

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Great teams play through distractions. The Giants did during baseball season with the Panda assault allegations. The 49ers can too.

#1 story on ESPN NFL page
Listen if Crabs did something wrong in HIS head he will be distracted, and if He didn't do anyting in HIS head he WILL play fine. IMO seeing this life and dealing with a lot of women this is what happenend....Crabtree meets a random woman, they engage in some kind of "mutual" sexual encounter, he is kind of an jerk which makes her feel slutty, she becomes a spiteful Bi*ch and vows for revenge. Hence the police being brought in prior to a Huge game. Yes NFL players have to make better decisions, but they are 25 year old dudes with money and honeys. The women that throw themselves at these dudes are ridiculously sexy and are the kind of women the average joe would never encounter. These are called golddiggers and manipulative women.... Im also pretty sure at sometime that night she tried to extort Crabs for some financial gain. That's just how celebrity/proffesional Athelete life is.
She probably waited to go to police because:

1) she went to Crabtree demanding money or else she was gonna bring charges

2) he didn't call back
"Men, you have to do everything you can to get yourselves mentally ready for this game. Now, for some of you, that will mean a lot of sex. And for others it may mean none at all." -- Bill Walsh

Originally posted by Leathaface:
Why is everyone saying rape? Sexual assault can mean a lot of things.

If there was a shred of credible evidence against him, he'd have been arrested and charged by now.

It's ALLEGATIONS people.

That is what people need to understand. These are allegations. Crabs is not charged with anything! Also we are not promoting Lockette or Hall from the practice squad. LOL!
Look at the bright side kids.

At least the East Coast biased media aren't ignoring us anymore!


Crabtree will likely have two allegations against him after this weekend after he rapes Atlanta's secondary.

Originally posted by billbird2111:
Great teams play through distractions. The Giants did during baseball season with the Panda assault allegations. The 49ers can too.

#1 story on ESPN NFL page

Originally posted by billbird2111:
Great teams play through distractions. The Giants did during baseball season with the Panda assault allegations. The 49ers can too.

#1 story on ESPN NFL page

Just like Panda he will be exonerated! I think there should be a penalty for making false accusations or trying to extort money from people. There are a lot of low lifes out there.
Well at least I think we know why Billy got released on yesterday. They are preparing to promote a WR frpm the practice squad to make the 53 man roster.
When did she report it to the cops? How long after? Anyone know? I think I read it was like Monday. Just curious because if it were a day or two later, why hasn't he been charged or arrested? Why did they let him go on a flight to ATL?

Feel like it's just a BS allegation. If there was evidence against him, he'd have been charged/arrested...not allowed to go on a trip to Atlanta.
I remember some old vid clip of Walsh in a team mtg before a big playoff game giving the players a few last words of advice and some such thing about getting good sex if they needed so Crabtree's alright isn't he? Oh crap I think he was telling that to the married guys.
When will these football fools realize that they shouldn't go out partying at night, especially during the season... especially during the PLAYOFFS? Nothing good happens after midnight.
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