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would switching Aldon and Justin's positions ease the injury

I mean you could but then your run defense suffers. Your taking both players out of their element. Aldon cant break out of a guard center contain. His strength is his speed and strength. You eliminate that by playing justin on the edge. The tackle will torce him to speed rush and the guard will direct aldon to the center. Your relying on soap anr McDonald to draw a double team somewhere to bring aldon one on one and hoping he can make a move. The packers will single block mc and sopo. Im really hoping they can make a play. BTW the times they switched techs the created no pressure. The lines are to smart for that.
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I've been saying this forever. He was a beast last year coming off the line. Suddenly the coordinators have amnesia. They act as if we dont have any other LB's, Aldon is not great in pass coverage anyway so bringing in anothe LB to bull rush with Aldon and do a poor job on pass coverage would actually result in no drop off.

I never ever want to see Aldon in pass coverage.
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Aldon has a shoulder injury hes played through. He would definately not be able to handle Justin Smiths job.

I heard Ross Tucker on ESPN, who was an NFL Guard, say that its not uncommon for guys with partially torn triceps to try and play through it, and have it tear all the way after only a few plays.

Im hoping Smith will be able to be even at 70%. If he cant make a difference this playoffs, were not going very far.
Seeing threads like these is when you realized we havent watched football in a while. Cant wait till Saturday.
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