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keys to the 6th ring

ok the whole season hinges on roman not calling stupid plays , and using the run to set up play action pass, on the defense fangio needs to rotate the d line how else are they gonna get experience ,and most importantly rest , one a side notes the dam delay of games and using unnecessary time out why want they let kaep . call his own plays. man if we do win our sixth ring , finally the "Kaep" is here
There are a number of "keys" and IMO - Pressuring Rodgers will be crucial. I hope Justin can play & be effective.

This will also give us much more insight as to where FA & the Draft will go.
when rotating the starters blitz on D , O run the ball , you never go wrong when running gore , then playaction Moss or Craptree !
Stop Rodgers. Score some point.

Stop Lynch. Score some points.

Stop Manning. Score some points.

= SB6
Defense--- enough with the zone. This defense plays well when they go man.
Offense --- control the time of possession and score td's not fg's
Special team --- kick more extra points than long field goals.
In order of importance:

Justin Smith playing
Kap playing like vs Bears / Pats
Gore 100+ yds games
Bring in Messi to kick our field goals

Kaepernick catches fire and stuns the NFL world - becomes the fresh new big thing.

Defense gets angry and tired of hearing over and over that they can't perform without a 100% Justin Smith. They step up and just shut down the pass.

They shut down Rodgers, Ryan and Manning, in that order while Kaepernick rolls.
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replace Akers
Harbaugh to be Harbaugh = #6


the starfish to align
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One Ring to Rule Them
We need to rotate the right side of our dline and still get pressure with 4 rushers. As much as our offense has evolved since Kaep has taken over our entire team goes as the defense goes. We haven't done well in 4 quarter shoot outs as of late and if our d can't force punts and field goals getting #6 is going to be very difficult.
Win the next 3 games.
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