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The Kaep Kurse

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I know there are some people that believe in the Madden curse, so here's an interesting take on our own little curse.

*(I don't believe in the Madden curse, just look at Calvin Johnson this year for example. This Kaep Kurse is just an interesting twist that my friends and I started talking about. It is in no way intended to be true.)

Last year, Kaep threw the pass that got Josh Morgan out for the season. The beginning of our wr struggles last year.

This year, Kaep was the qb when Kyle Williams and Kendall Hunter went down during that running play.
Kaep was the qb that got Mario Manningham out for the season and I believe induced Vernon Davis first concussion.
For defense, we lost Justin Smith. For the first time ever in his niner career, he missed a game. Tarell Brown went down with a scare, thankfully he was alright.

Obviously those players getting injured aren't Kaep's fault, especially on defense. But it does make you wonder, who may be next.

I didn't include Ted Ginn for anything because I feel like that guy has a glass body.
I wanted to include Alex Smith also because he's technically out for the season as long as Kaep is healthy.
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I just realized kaep was alive when the war started
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