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I didn't post during the game but great win , super happy which will get me through night shift

was reading this thread ( pages 150-164 ) and it made me wonder.....

What do the kap haters/Alex lovers do when kap makes good plays ? Do you sit shaking your head, saying alex could have done that, hoping that kap makes a mistake to justify your POV?

its so obvious the potential that this offense now has. Pocket prescence has improved dramatically and everyone just seems to be excited. That throw to vernon and the 50+ yd rushing td gave me goosebumps.

I supported Alex and was rapt when he put it together but kap is now the man and I'm fully behind him. He's getting more and more confident and to bounce back from the first drive in his first playoff game was a clear indicator that harbaugh made the right move and kap is ready to lead this team.

P.s not trying to wind anyone up....

If there was ever a doubt as to who should be the 49ers starter going forward, last night ended it. This is not a slight on Alex but high praise for Colin.
This. Could Alex won the game last night I think he would have but Kaep just gives you more options than Smith. Will he make a couple of mistakes you bet but the good out ways the bad.

Alex could win that game, but in a different manner. Ball control and keeping the game out of Rodgers hands. Kaep has actually played stride for stride with some of the league's best QBs this season -- Brees, Brady, and now Rodgers. He's just more dynamic than Alex, and although he poses a greater risk with TO ratio, his ability to overcome pressure and capitalize on defensive weaknesses makes him a better player for this team.
Sorry Finley, but you guys just got beat out there.
They are just mad they got beat not once but twice....
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So your time is better served responding to his/her post?

So your time is better served getting in other folks business?

Both of you would find your time better served by posting about football instead of this nonsense. Stop.
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Serious time... what the hell was his mouth doing?

He was having a partial seizure. It can happen after sustaining repetitive trauma.
Like the care what Edward Dildohands Finely says? His hands are worse than Walker's most of the time. Son, you just flat got your azz whipped!
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"Discount Doublechecked"?
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Did they play better than you or did you beat yourselves?
"We beat ourselves for sure. We were the best team out there tonight, we just couldn't put it together."


I'm sorry but the BEST TEAM doesn't give 45 points and only score 3 offensive TDs or give up 450 yards and 4 TDs to a QB plus another 140 and 2 TDs to the best group of RBs in the NFL.

God Finley fell for that question.....Talk about the sound bite of the week.
Well lucky for us the ....we still going to the ship.
JerGarbage Finley

Fool me once shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

Packers got fooled twice. Classy team own up to their suckage. Guess the Packers are just sore losers.
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I just laugh that Rodgers completely owned it up to the idea that Jennings AND Finley WILL NOT be on the Packers not next season.
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Yeah, we kill who ever we play now. Our offense and defense is far superior to anyone left in the tournament.

Yea man, I only watched the second half due to work , but other than that first GB drive and our 3 and out. We completely dominated the second half. Especially on O.
Assuming it was much tighter first half?

The 4th down offside penalty pretty much capped off my day lol
also big props to the crowd , stick sounded like it was rocking!

Game was really never that tight. Well yeah of course it was score wise, but IMO and many people around here knew we were the better team. The consenses around here was, "We're the better team, we're just not getting it done". If it wasn't for the pick 6 we would have had a much bigger lead. That's at least 7 points.

It was that we started out in the hole and then when GB was on offense their drives kept getting extended by dumb penalties.

Cheers guys , ill watch the first half when I finish my shift.

Was so impressed with the play in the second half pretty much every unit performing except for ginn on punt returns .....
LOL they said the same s**t after week one! What a bunch of dips**ts, think they're so high and mighty, haven't won a divisional round game in years!
anyone else see Kaep trash talking with mike mcarthy?
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