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Should we let Nike "go for it" on a new niner uniform?

Should we let Nike "go for it" on a new niner uniform?


Whoever votes yes is a communist. Leave our classic uniforms alone. The design Nike came up with for Seattle is by FAR the worst in NFL history. Worse than the brown/yellow broncos throwbacks, and the steelers prison unis combined.
Originally posted by linkboy:
People need to realize something, the best looking uniforms are the ones that keep it simple. Outside of the stripes (which is what the 49ers want, not Nike), Nike nailed it perfectly.

The current 49ers uniform is not just one of the best uniforms in the NFL, its one of the best ones in sports. It's not over complicated and the two colors compliment each other perfectly (unlike the Cowboys three shades of silver).

As for the helmet, to many people whine about the gold ring, but I doubt they even know why the team put it in. They did it so that when the logo is displayed by itself, the gold is still represented. Honestly, I don't have a problem with it and at this point, removing it would just look weird.

I agree 100%. I love how the classic look is making a comeback in sports. Simple designs are cleaner, classier, and just plain better. I'm not a fan of Nike's designs. It works for the Seahawks because they're not exactly a classic franchise, and have never had great looking uni's IMO. I don't ever want Nike to have any influence over our uniforms.
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I don't like Nike's verson of the NFL uniforms. All the pants look like they're wearing diapers. Now, the NFL is going to let Nike designs their own pads. The look is already on Nike under garments. They look like honeycombs or something, not a good look.
Originally posted by Bohannamontana:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

those look horrible!
don't change the uniforms, just add alternates.

I agree, you guys should seriously cut back on the drugs...

I do like the winter idea about using the white and silver unis during the second half of the season and then changing back to red/white and gold during the playoffs, but seriously, don't f*ck with the logo (even the rings around it)...
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our uni's are perfect.

just need to fix the stripes on the side more like the chiefs..... and we're good
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Some people should lay off the drugs

our jerseys are sick as f**k right now. you actually like the seahawks ugly ass jerseys?
Love are uniforms exactly how they are, don't think anything needs to be changed, just get some alternates.
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Originally posted by 60sfan:
Although, I go back to the "62" season, I would love to see a new progressive uniform design. For instance, I like the new Sea Hags uni. I think Nike could do a lot with our colors. Your thoughts...............................

Worst thread ever.
First off, I think that the Seahawks uniforms are better than before, but that isn't saying much. As long as I can remember, they have had the boringest uniforms in football. I didn't like the rainy day colored uniforms they just got rid of, and those wolf grey uni's they played in last week looked like they were dingy white and just needed to be washed before they showed up to play.

As far as ours go, I love what we have now. The closer we get to how we looked in the Joe Montana days the better. I even like the longer sleeve with the three stripes, but the players don't, so that's fine. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the best team of a generation are back on top where they belong. We look like we did again and are starting to play like we used to. I love these uniforms because they look great and stand for something.

Our uniforms have the classic look, don't mess with them. The only change should be to fix the stripes on the sleeves, they screwed that up
No way. Leave it like it is.
We have the best uni's in none. Unique colour-schemes are rare these days, too. No need to mess around
Have you seen the Oregon Ducks uni's? Yeah, I vote hell no!!!

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