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Harbaugh Coaches Approval Rating Thread

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Originally posted by b9er37:
Team management I say A-
Game management B-

Would have liked to have seen LMJ and Jenkins get some opportunities a little sooner. Harbs makes some questionable decisions during the games sometimes, but I'm with 100% as a leader.

I'm glad you brought up the draft, what a waste this year's class has turned out to be. Not sure how much blame Harbaugh gets compared to Baalke but regardless, this year was a disaster.

I don't believe the draft was a disaster. This team is very fortunate to have very few holes to fill, therefore use the draft to build for the future. I still want see those guys on the field though.

When Ginn is in the back field taking laterals, I think our draft was a disaster
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
When Ginn is in the back field taking laterals, I think our draft was a disaster

In all fairness to Ginn, unless we have a player that's 20 feet tall, it wouldn't have mattered who we had back there on that lateral.
I am not very good at reading minds so don't know why Harbaugh makes his decisions I can only go by watching him, listening to him and hearing from those who know him well. We can't know what happens behind the scenes and would it be good if we did? Not sure. A rift between Smith and Harbaugh? Smith not living up to JH's expectations? Kaepernick possessing much superior upside in JH's opinion?

Some day they all might write books and we can learn of these things but until then we go by Harbaugh's record and he has been a successful coach everywhere he's gone. If he has made a mistake with changing QBs he will no doubt rectify that quickly. I do not see his ego as such to destroy the team he is building.
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
When Ginn is in the back field taking laterals, I think our draft was a disaster

That was a bad play call. LMJ would have been a better choice on that one, but the call was bad game management IMO. I would like to know if Harbaugh approves each call, cause that one was just dumb.
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
When Ginn is in the back field taking laterals, I think our draft was a disaster

In all fairness to Ginn, unless we have a player that's 20 feet tall, it wouldn't have mattered who we had back there on that lateral.

His lack of familiarity in the back field showed in his decision to pick up the ball instead of diving on it. LMJ was drafted for this and he is in street clothes.
The guy fumbled the week before doing the one job he was hired for.
I think a smarter/better would have been aware and played it safe. We were winning the damn game.

I'm changing my grade to C+. WTF was that play call
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
In all fairness to Ginn, unless we have a player that's 20 feet tall, it wouldn't have mattered who we had back there on that lateral.

You don't see anything wrong with him jogging to the ball and trying to run with it instead of going full speed and either jumping on it or kicking it out of bounds? Kaep's toss was poor and he gets blamed for that, but Ginn's lack of awareness was disappointing. Same thing happened today with RG3 but his RB jumped on the ball. Pretty sure no one will even bring that play up post game.
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
Originally posted by darkknight49:
This is an odd argument. You say the roster is largely the reason for the success but then why weren't they successful with Singletary?

The biggest difference between the two regimes is the coaching staffs and you can't dismiss their influence on the team.

Singletary may be the worst head coach in NFL history and yet the 49ers were only 1 game under .500 during his tenure. Yes, Harbaugh is a better coach than Singletary, but turning the 49ers into a winner with our roster isn't some amazing feat. It really just highlights how bad Singletary was. Baalke & Scot McLoughlan probably deserve the most credit for where we are today.

It'd be easier to give Harbaugh more credit for our success if there was some reason to believe that he is an amazing coach, but he's been outcoached multiple times this season and his handling of the QB situation has been awful and it has been a terrible travesty that has really tanked our chances for a superbowl this year. Hard to call him a great coach after that.

Hard to call anyone a great coach in a year and a half.

You guys need to just relax and see how the season unfolds. Its too early to say the super bowl hopes are doomed.

But hey, if worrying about all this is what floats your boat, then so be it.
i'm starting to think we got lucky last grade is a D......this team is not that good.
Originally posted by 5timechamps:
i'm starting to think we got lucky last grade is a D......this team is not that good.

Really? We are leading our division, are in control of our own destiny to make it to the playoffs as the second seed for a second year in a row. We have overcome big injuries (Smith, Hunter, and Williams). That's a "D"?

Wow, what do you give the Cardinals, Browns, and Chiefs coaches; a "Z"?

I think a B is fair, but an A is very reasonable as well.
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After last nights debacle, I'm giving him a weekly rating of a big fat F.

Holy s**t our team played flat, and Kaep has all the physical tools but he ain't ready.

Weekly grade F

Season Grade B-
Still approve
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weekly grade F-
season grade C-

We were supposed to take a leap forward and instead we've regressed. As I said last week, the Pats game was deceptive and dependent on lucky bounces. Our offense won't get to start half its drives in opponent territory in the playoffs.
fire harbaugh asap
Oh, let's review: I started following the 9ers, the yr I moved to Paso Robles, 1977. Team was a shambles, but an inspiring new coach, went 2-14, then 6-10 with his "new"Qb, and then won the SB the next yr. He won 2 more also, handed off to Seifert who closed out the century with the team winning an astonishing 5 SBs. Did I like coach Walsh better? Yes. Did Seifert win with a SB team put in his lap? yup. Then mooch, then the train wreck, Er-Wreck-son, then the amazing noln, a small man in size, and a HC with a very small mind, obviously not HC material. Then disaster befell us with BM, or bowel movement mike, who was and excellent LB coach, but could not coach another position on the field. He led us to the bottom, where we remained mired, until last yr, with the amazing Stanford coach, who promptly led us to 13 wins, more Ws than we had combined in some 5 seasons. In the end we lost the NFC title game because our PR was injured and a rook PR flubbed two punts, and we lost to a team we had already beaten once that yr.

Fast forward to this yr, and we get on a roll, our qb takes us to top of NFC west, but is injured 4 games ago with a concussion. He is sidelined, and Coach Harbaugh has replacement play so well, and show so much talent that he becomes enamored of Kap and jumps him to starter, even tho alex had just completed 27 of his last 29 passses in the previous two games. Gutsy call, or goofy call. Kap went big against Saints, looked awful against Rams, looked great against PATS and then one week later, looked pathetic against SEA. Granted Kap had plenty of company in their performance in a very hard place to win. Still as a team, we weren't ready, we had schidt for an O game plan, worse than that for a D game plan, AND we were missing Justin, the heart of our D. Adding insult to injury, a guy who the courts allowed to play yesterday after testing positive for performance enhancers(steroids i assume), and who will now have to miss the next 4 games, lays a wicked hit on vernon who we lose for game with a concussion. Mario tears his ACL and PCL on a play. Our O has a lock on 3 and outs. Our play calling and game plans suck. Our D game plan sux. Coach kept the clip board away from his face until late in 3rd qtr when we were really starting to get embarrasssed. ERGO, roman called the game to there, when JH could no longer stand it. Fangio's D play calls and D Planning was unbelievably bad.

Coach H was the one who jumped Kap to a starting roll with 4 games left to go in season, after a good performance, once alex was out concussed. Coach H has to live with the fact that Kap had no business on that field on Sunday last. He got showed up for the experience he doesn't have. Times were tough, and Kap folded, holding his head down on the sidelines, instead of rallying his troops. He missed all long throws except to delanie, overthrew vernon twice, and crabs a bunch of times. Overthrew mario, and randy. Kap connected on a few, but his just better than 50% was no where near as bad as it looked. Coach had to know his jump start qB was going to go thru this period, so why in the world put him in? Next yr would have been fine. 4 fumbled snaps in PATs game was extraordinary. The SEA game should have given Coach H a birds eye view of where "his" QB is at present. Odds were high that Kap would make rookie mistakes in a yr we had SB written all over us. That is all on Coach H. His call , he has to live with it.

So do i miss BM, noln or erickson? Hell no. Do i wish coach had kept it in his pants and waited to change Qbs until next yr? yup. Do i wish we had another of the great coaches out there, say garret at dallas, norv at SD, who knows at JAX, andy reid and his 5 Win team, or the Chiefs, TAmpa, Cleveland, panthers, oakland,titans, miami, coaches? hell no. There are at a max only a handful of coaches who are great in the league. bellicheat, Coughlin (and they won't make playoffs), GB, Sean Payton. Say there are 6, maybe 7. And I put Harbaugh up there with any of them, equal to GB and NE coaches. That is top 3. We do not want Coach H to leave here , ever. He has, however, mucked up this yr, and it was all his own doing. Bad thinking, overly rated his backup Qb, but has called good games 90% of the time. He is the cause of missing a shot at the SB this yr, however, and that is something he will just have to live doewn. Of course, we could still win, but there are 6 QBs out there who can eat our QBs lunch. With alex, less flash, more steady, but a winner.

How do you rate that? I got no idea, but give him great marks except for those few areas he screwed up. Anybody wants Coach h gone has rocks in his head. The guy is one of the best 2 or 3 coaches out there. He needs to improve his OC and DC, however, or just call the game himself like bellicheat does. Get rid of him? no way. Grade? A overall, with some Fs in there for SEA, Kap, and coaching against Rams. I guess that makes an A-. But if you don't like what you see, why not follow Dallas, panthers, raiders, chiefs, rams, AZ, cleveland, miami, bills,etc....for starters. Guys , who has it better than we do? NOOOOBODY.
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