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What has happened to Carlos Rogers?

a little older, a little slower
props to him for lowering his contract
He's still a very good corner. Anybody saying he needs to be cut is out of their god damn minds! You can never have enough good corners on the roster. He struggled in two games this year against players that ALL corners struggle against when put one on one!! He was asked to do too much in those games and thats on the coaches NOT Carlos! The reason he was even put in that position is because of how well he played in that very same situation week in and week out all of last season and most of this season. I'm so glad NONE of you people are GM's for my beloved team because your knee jerk reactions would have ruined us by now!
well said
I'm sure Carlos Rogers and company are going to look a lot better the remainder of the season with the pass rush coming on the way it was of late. The LBs and Smith have been lights out the last two games.
Rogers is not a #1 anymore. Hes just not! With Brown battered and bruised we cant have him on an island ever. Slot hes pretty good but at the #1 he gets owned. We needed that pick hedropped and we need more consistency at his spot.
He got a contract.
As our pass rush goes, so does down field coverage.

Wilson had way too much time.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Meh, he's a nickel back now so I'm not worried about him. T-Brown and Culliver are playing good football, so we're in good shape there.

Thank f**king goodness we didn't lose T-Brown to injury on that play.
Last season our secondary as a whole looked much better than they were because of a better pass rush.

This year our pass rush isn't as effective as last season and is evident against better passers.

Justin being out makes it more apparent. If QB's have that much time to throw, their receivers will get open.

A lot of players on our defense aren't playing nearly as good as last year. And Rogers is one of em
Originally posted by 9erReign:
He got a contract.

This...been watching him closely all year. He plays about 1/2 speed. him. 1/2 speed. Once he gets beat a few times, and the cameras are on him, then watch how he plays. Night and day. He still has talent and the skill set but the desire seems to be lacking this year esp. compared to last year. And his hands-of-stone have shown up again which, also, speaks to his concentration and mindset. His issue is 100% mental...not physical.
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IMO, I would move Brown to cover the slot, slide Culliver out to RCB. Rogers covering the slot is a huge problem, I'd rather see him cover the bigger receiver on the opposing team.
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
As our pass rush goes, so does down field coverage.

Wilson had way too much time.

Yea like all day. There were times someone should have thrown in a towel.
Seems to lose focus here and there.
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