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Where: St. Louis, Misss**thole

When : Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time: 10:00 AM
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Go Niners!
didnt see mod make this, so ill start this for them.

Surprising one hasn't been put up yet but everyone is so excited about the win yesterday. As for the Rams not taking them lightly at all. I think we will play much better and won't come out flat this time. Will be a tough road matchup but no reason we don't come out on top if we play our game.
hope we dont get a tie again lol
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get off to a good start, impose our will on them with our defense. the last bad game they had was the tie so i hope and trust they will play with a chip on thier shoulder,,, if the jets can go in there and win,, damn we should be able to. do not come out and play like its ten am in the morning like we did vs the vikes the last time we were in the midwest.. and please for the sake of god, stop with the penalties on both sides of the ball.. my two daughters with thier new willis and vernon jerseys will be there and those are two pretty intense voices for us Thier husbands have never taken them to a niner game,, they should be very scared of what those two girls are capable of doing amongst the enemy fans
I hope we destroy the Rams. No way that should even be a tie. Amandola beat us with a bum shoulder. An almost shameful performance by the defense and special team.
our D has come around. Blowout in St.Loui
Bring Whitner closer to LOS for run support, bump the speedy WRs and have Goldson double over the top, keep the pressure on Bradford to minimize any deep threats. Do this on D alone will keep from getting out of hand early like last time. I was predicting a blow out of at least 3+ TD scores. Now, I see us winning by 10-13 pts and running out the clock.
amandola is a beast and that is no lie...still predicting the 49ers to win though.

Mr. Amendola needs to meet Mr. Goldson.
This year:
win-win loss
win-win-tie (Rams)
win-win-????? (Rams)
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Mr. Amendola needs to meet Mr. Goldson.

Lol that little injury prone f**ker will die if he gets hit by goldson
I can see goldson one-upping this.

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
I can see goldson one-upping this.

That was badass, man i hate the f**kin rams
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