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should Carlos continue to cover slot receiver?

Carlos has gotten burned many times this year by slot receivers (see Rams game or Vikings game)
Since, brees is primed to hit us up with a bunch of seem routes from Marques and the Patriots coming up soon...should we consider having someone else to be groomed to cover the slot? ?
Brown needs to cover the slot when the slot WR is a real threat.
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Brown Si - Carlos No
Originally posted by Garcia:

You really think so? I'll look for you after the next Rams game

We'll see how you feel then
Fangio isn't going to make drastic changes this late in the season.
Really depends on whether Brown could step right in and understand his role at the NCB spot. If he could do it quickly? Then I would make that change.

I haven't focused enough on the Bears game to say how well he did or who Rogers covered vs the Bears in the slot. Looked to me like he did.. okay.. but I have seen enough of him trying to cover Amendola that I never really want to see him in the slot again. Brown has better balance and quickness for the role, IMHO, but who am I to tell Fangio his job? Rogers and Culliver seem more capable as outside CBs... but again.. who am I to tell Fangio his job?

That's just the way I see it.
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