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Winning our division will take 11 or more wins!

I think Seahawks will win at home. It's a tough place regardless how good the opponent is. The 49ers will need at least 11 wins, esp given the latest tie (~loss)
Originally posted by hawker84:
funny.. you guys still think the weakness of this team is our rookie QB.. i guess it just cracks me up when people post stuff that totally goes agains the stats, and the facts...russel wilson is the real deal, i'm not saying that because i'm a seahawk fan, i'm saying cuz i know a good QB when i see one.. you guys don't think we can win on the road, well that remains to be seen i suppose.. although we have been in every game that we've lost on the road including the niners, with a chance to win it.. so you can come up with every excuse in the book on why the seahawks won't be in the picture when i comes to crowning our division champs... but if you look up the stats, not only is RW leading ALL rookie QB's he's among the league leaders period, and only getting better.. our d is still top 10, and we have the second leading rusher in the game.. i think it's going to come down to us and you, and i think it will be decided on the field... not here to start a fight, just to point out that we have a team that could take this division just like you guys do, and anyone who thinks this is not accurate, is not being realistic, and i would invite you to tell me why and back it up with real facts..

We did kind of beat russel lol anyways if thats not your weak point what is pete carrol?
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I think 10 wins will do it for our division.
you guys overreact so much its retarded... even the best teams lose to the worst, idc if the rams suck its a division game and that makes it that much harder, yes we do out talent them but does always mean we will bring our A game... were still 6-2-1 we could go 4-3 and still win the division unless u expect seattle to somehow win out lol. id be very suprised if we dont go 11-4-1 or better, cant see this team losing more then twice. just were playing undisciplined football right now, but harbaugh should get them back on track... one more note, wtf akers?
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Akers has some sand in his vagina.
The Niners will go up to Quest and beat Seattle. Itll be tough but we will do it. The game might not even matter. I can totally see them losing to a good team in seattle. If we win the next 3 games and Seattle loses @ Miami and @Chicago which i believe they will this division "race" is over.
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Seachickens are going down.
Originally posted by BillWalsh:
Seattle is basically the miami of the NFC at this point, rookie QB's playing better then they were thought of, and a defense with a running game, thats no cake walk going all the way across the country. We've also seen that division games are no cake walk. Niners have perhaps the most pro bowlers on one team in the NFL and tied the rebuilding rams so who is to say the rams can't beat the hawks again. Arizona's season is over. Chicago probably beats both the niners and hawks unless we run it down their throats. I can't see the niners losing the division, but just wish Smith would shake this off and play every game until the end, He is completing what 95 percent of his passes the last two games?? People want to bash him but he right there is the difference in the division between rookies scrambling for a playoff spot and a veteran who did it last year.

come on man, that's just cold, Damn, give us a little more credit than that.. dolphins? lol
Chicago will be a tough game - no doubt. We'll come out on top in a low scoring game.

We'll have 2 real tough games n the rest of the schedule and one that will be a statement game.

the 2 tough games will be NE, Seahawks. Both could go either way. My gut feeling is a loss to NE and a squeeker to get by Seahawks.

The "statement" game will be against the Rams. The are VERY confident after the last game AND we''ll be playing in their house. They are MUCH better than previously thought and we'll have to go out and dominate them.

We will dominate them.
Originally posted by cciowa:
its a loss no matter how you spin it in my opinion

It wasn't added to our loss column no matter how you spin it.

It seems like the theme of this season is the 49ers lose to teams that we were supposed to blow out....possible we lose to Miami and St Louis....and smoke the rest...
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
We did kind of beat russel lol anyways if thats not your weak point what is pete carrol?

did your 'D" beat him, or did our recievers drop a lot of balls, 7 if i remeber correctly... neither here nor there, you guys won bottom line.. if you still think RW is our weakness , you have not been following our team... i would take him over A smith any day of the week, JMO... our weaknesses IMO are.

1. run 'D'
2. o line ( pass protection )
3. offensive playcalling
4. pass rushing ( lately )
5. protecting short middle of the field, (backs & TE's)

RW is about the only thing that has been consistant other than our run game. well he's been improving consistantly, let's say that... all road games are tough regardless who you're playing, but i definately think our team has progressed on offensive enough to start winning some of these... i'm hopeful anyways...
11-4-1 with losses to the Saints and Patriots
Originally posted by PrimeTime:
11-4-1 with losses to the Saints and Patriots

I see us losing to the Saints and possibly the Seahawks. I don't fear the Pats' defence as much as I do the Saints simply because of their aggressive blitzing versus our O-line. If Buffalo can go in there and nearly beat them then I think we've got a really good chance. The Pats are near the bottom in the league in total team defence!!!
Originally posted by Kapshouldstart:
10 wins will win the division.

that would have been correct if the ref's didn't give seattle a game........................
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