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Better than kissing your sister, COW, former COY, and HC and DC who didn't show up

Smith would have lit that secondary up with quick throws if he could stay upright... OL was horrible first couple drives
Well as a matter of fact, if alex plays against bears on Mon nite, he has one chance to win for us and that will be snap it and sling it. Against that D, any thought of taking a 7, 5 or even 3 step drop is a recipe for disaster. So it better be quick zingers, don't let passrush get established. Keep the ball and alex will get creamed, or so will Kap if he plays.
With the new news that Coach H is being worked up for cardiac irregularities, it made me wonder that the two losses and the tie, all seemed as if Coach was off his game, which i referred to elsewhere in a thread. Now i wonder, were the 2.5 losses actually due to the fact that Coach H truly wasn't feeling well and coached the game poorly because the oxygen to his brain wasn't all getting there? It's possible....but also could just be coincidence. Someone "reported" that Coach may have had SVT, supraventricular tachycardia. He also could have had something else that commonly causes irreg heartbeat, and that is AF(atrial Fibrillation), which definitely could have made him "feel ill", and could have had an effect on his thinking and how he coached all 3 of those games. Right now we just need to relax and find out what the official medical report says. If he had AF, then he could have coached those games only with part of his brain. And that would have explained his entirely different coaching than he had displayed in other games. But right now...all conjecture, pending the official medical report.
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