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st. louis gaffe lucky for niners

Originally posted by hofer36:
I wonder what Peter King would say about my thread?

YOU ARE RIGHT, ROB. "In watching the Rams/49ers game, I had one observation that was seemingly lost on Chris Myers and Tim Ryan. Late in the fourth quarter, with the Rams trailing 21-17, St. Louis secured a first down on the 49ers eight-yard line with 1:13 remaining when Jeff Fisher hastily called a timeout. What was the hurry on the timeout? Why not let the clock run off 20 seconds or so first. Jeff Fisher should be seasoned enough to NOT make that mistake, right?'' -- From Rob Ticktin, of Needham, Mass.

Yes, with a couple of asterisks. First: The first down was at the San Francisco 2, not the 8. And Fisher should have let the clock run down, to be sure. But I think it was smart to take the timeout there, just not when he took it. I'm sure, in retrospect, Fisher wishes he'd have let some time run off the clock before taking that timeout.

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Fisher made a judgment call, and a good one at the time.

1) you have a young team that is prone to mistakes
2) you need a TD anyways....and 4 downs to do it. Need to make sure everyone is on the same page.
3) your opposition is basically a rookie QB. You expect your defense to stop him with less than a minute left in the game.

He did the right thing. We just happened to mke a game of it bc Kaep can get big chunks of yards by virtue of his legs. Hindsight is always 20/20, and that why Peter King is a douche.
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If JH wore a different outfit we would've won
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